The Accidental Natural’s Spending Fast mini update

Today was payday and I dutifully wrote out my budget – how much I was spending on my credit card and line of credit, mortgage, tithes and what I was putting in my savings account.

I normally do most of my transactions through online banking and just deposit my mortgage payment in person. So after I did my online transactions, I headed over to the ATM to withdraw my mortgage payment and walk it five steps down the concourse to the bank that holds my mortgage. When I saw what was left in my account I had to double check.

There wasn’t enough!

Then I had to stop myself. There was plenty of money in there to pay for anything preauthorized payments that hadn’t already come out. I was just in the habit of keeping the remainder of my pay in my chequing account so I had money at my disposal.

Money at my disposal to waste. That’s what I had been doing: keeping too much money in an account that I could get to easily and without a second thought and spending because I could.

This fast isn’t just about saving, but breaking bad habits and building good new habits in baby steps.

BTW, as of Friday afternoon, I currently have $2.34 of my $25 for the week. Not too shabby 🙂


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  1. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    I’m doing good so far too! No new products to show…actually decided to give away a few things to save my sanity! I really went crazy during Black Friday’s Sales…lol

    Glad to see you’re maintaining;-)!

  2. dalia says:

    hah. i had the same revelation as you: once groceries an’ ting were purchased, i have very little to my name. 🙂

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