The Accidental Natural’s protective style challenge

Earlier this year, I did the Hairlista Healthy Ends challenge and I was really proud of myself about what I achieved. I kept my ends covered — on and off, more on than off — for about six months. It was hard, because I love playing around in my hair, but it worked because I really retained length. I was looking around for another challenge, but none of them really worked for me. So, I decided to design my own challenge: The Accidental Natural’s protective style challenge.

I started it on September 4 when I put my kinky twists in. This challenge will run until Saturday, December 4.

This is what I’m going to do:

  • Keep my hair in protectives styles (kinky twists, two-strand twists, wigs and I’m going to attempt a bun before I have to start wearing a hat! It will mean that I have to lightly straighten my hair. I’m hoping not to do it with heat)
  • Wash scalp with shampoo and co-wash hair weekly
  • Deep condition with heat as needed
  • Oil scalp with castor oil/olive oil mix 3x week
  • Moisturize daily and seal with oil
  • Wear kinky twists at least twice from now until December 4

I think that’s all for my first attempt at my own challenge. I will try to do Part 2 of the challenge starting Saturday, January 1 and will run until Friday, April 1. We’ll see, we’ll see — I may change my mind because seven months of protective styles will DEFINITELY be a challenge.

Hey readers, lurkers, commenters! Are any of you doing challenges this fall season?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. r*dean [myaliasfotography] says:

    I think I need to figure out a protective style for myself. Likely I’ll try and twist my on hair and then secure the ends from exposure.

  2. nikkele says:

    Giiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrlllllllll, I don’t know about seven months of protective styling. Giving up the ‘fro is so hard to do! Now that I’ve got my second wind back with my hair (I dyed it black and gave it a deep conditioning. Never looked better!), I want to see it all day every day!

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