Don’t sell your naps short

51M1SRWQVML._SS400_Yesterday, I was at a barbecue for a friend who just graduated from police college. It was a good time — summer has finally decided to come… two weeks before fall. Chupse. Anyway, a couple of people there admired my hair — which is great! I appreciate people who encourage me on my hair journey. One young woman said, “I love your hair. I wish I could do that, but my hair could nevernever do that.” I said, I think you’d be surprised about what your hair can do. She was wearing kinky twists, so I couldn’t see what her hair looked like, but I’m sure it was beautiful and thick.

Before I went natural, I was skeptical because I thought that hair like [INSERT BI-RACIAL ACTRESS/SINGER WITH BIG CURLY HAIR HERE] was gorgeous and my hair was cool too… if I had it straightened. I was comparing my hair to something that I would never have, so I couldn’t be happy with my hair. After a year, I’ve learned that I will never have Tracee Ellis Ross hair — big, loopy, bi-racial curls and that’s just fine… actually, it’s better than fine. God made me the way He made me because that’s exactly how He wanted me. My hair is my hair and it suits me because it is me.

Nappy, kinky, curly, wavy — as long as it’s on my head and I’m dealing with it, I’m going to love whenever it can, or can’t do.


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