The start of the Healthy Ends Challenge

I’ve registered for Hairlista’s Healthy Ends Challenge — I will be working on my ends until April 8, 2010.  You can find the details here.

So, yesterday was wash day and this is what I did:

  • Shampooed with my castile moisturizing shampoo
  • Deep conditioned with my super moisturizer for about 10 hours. (I was working from home yesterday because I’ve busted up my back, so I could spend the entire day with conditioner on my hair.)
  • Moisturized with Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment
  • Sealed with my oil mixture

I put flat twists in the front and two-strand twisted the rest of it. I was going to trim each twist, but by the time I finished, it was around 9:15 pm. All I wanted to do was chill out and watch some TV.

I untwisted today and, I must say, I’m not so impressed with the Cantu stuff. It’s not getting along well with my gel. And, you know how much I love my Ampro Clear Pro-Styl Gel. There was residue when I untwisted and I’m not happy — I’m going out to a friend’s birthday party and my hair doesn’t have the oomph that it normally does. It looks cute — I was questioning it at first — but the hair just isn’t feeling right. Take a look:

Photo 3
This is what happens when I should be getting ready to go out and I start playing on my computer.

As for the challenge, time will tell if it does anything for my ends. I will be moisturizing again tonight and sealing my ends with oil or my Crisco concoction.

Yes, Crisco. I read about this first at UrbanCurlz, way back when I started my natural hair journey. My skin — scalp, face — had been acting up and I was desperate to find something to clear it up. That’s when I read about Crisco. It’s not as horrible as it sounds. It’s all vegetable shortening and is a great sealer for your hair and good for your skin as well if you are hyper-sensitive — like I am — to a lot of skin care products. Doctors have prescribed it for babies with diaper rash because it’s mild and, surprisingly, not greasy.

But that’s another post. I will probably co-wash on Monday because I hate the residue-y feeling on my hair.

Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted!


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