Missing my hair

meI knew this was going to happen. I was counting down the days until I got my hair twisted in my first protective style of the fall/winter season… but now, I’m totally missing my hair. If I want my hair to stay healthy and strong during the cold months, I know that I have to keep it in a protective style. I’ve know that for years. I know that if I let it blow in the Arctic winds, rub up against my coat and scarf or try to stuff it in a hat, I will be causing more harm than good.

But I miss my bi-weekly washing and styling routine. It got so bad that on Saturday, I was truly haunted. I didn’t know what to do with myself. The Hubby was off watching a fight with his boys. Normally, if I had a night to myself, it would be all about washing and trying out a new style or testing a new product.

I had nothing. I’m on a bit of a PJ hiatus. I mean, my hair is in twists – do I really need to spend a bunch of money on products that I won’t really get the benefit of until at least January when I take my twists out? (Well, I will be doing a smidge of shopping in New York when I’m there. Blogger Kinky Rhonnie said that Ricky’s NYC is a great place for shopping. I also have a date with Target to get some Kimble products and with a neighbourhood CVS or Duane Reade. Reviews to come!)

After watching random videos on YouTube and reading some blogs, I decided to do something fruitful, like getting my mother and my annual holiday black cake started. My job was to grind up the fruits. So, at around 7 o’clock, I dragged myself from the computer to the kitchen and pulled out my food processor. Thanks to my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law for the GREAT food processor! What took three hours last year, took 45 minutes this year! I changed into my jammies and watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta until 9 pm (Sherée is real stank). It was disaster weekend on the Space channel, so I watched The Day After Tomorrow… and fell asleep by 10:30 pm.

I never knew that doing my hair took up so much of my time. I enjoy my little beauty regimen. Yes, I like having some extra time to myself – especially if I’m super busy or tired – but it’s become a happy little habit of mine. Sigh. Only five more months to go – I am NOT wearing my hair out until at least April 2010, ‘cause these Canadian winters ain’t no joke.

As I told my friend, who called me on Saturday morning for some hair advice, sometimes we have to balance what we want (playing with my hair) with what we need (protecting my hair) for the greater good. Right? Right.


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