Miss Jessie’s buy one get one free sale!

Yes indeed, folks! I received an email from Miss Jessie’s about their annual buy one get one free sale! Until December 31 at midnight EST, you can buy select Miss Jessie’s products and get another one for free. Considering the prices of Miss Jessie’s, this is an AWESOME sale.

For instance, you can get two 16 oz jars of Baby Buttercreme for $68 CAD (that’s a lot of product!) at www.honeyfig.com or at Miss Jessie’s website. It’s not cheap, but it’s a good buy! The only things that aren’t included in the sale are the 2 oz testers and the trial pack of products. It’s probably not the best buy for product junkies who want to test out Miss Jessie’s, but if you know you like some of the products (I like me some Curly Buttercreme), pick it up.


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  1. darlene gamble says:

    I have gone natural and my hair is cut short now with color. I would like to try miss jessie curly pudding, or what ever you recommend. THANK YOU!

    1. urbansista says:

      The two Miss Jessie’s products that I did like a lot were the Curly Buttercreme and the Rapid Recovery Treatment — they are both rich and moisturize really well. I can’t recommend anything because I don’t know your hair and what it likes. What I would suggest is to check out the Miss Jessie’s website and look at some of the pictures — see what texture is similar to yours. The caption will tell you what product was used. BUT!!! Only buy the 2oz to try it out — learn from my mistake! I bought a big ol’ jar of the Curly Pudding and was NOT impressed. I can test a product for $10 and be OK with not liking it. $24? Heck, no! That burns! Make sure to moisturize well with that colour!

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