Two things I’ve learned about my scalp since twisting my hair…

Good morning, folks!

Just a quick post before I start working today.

Over the past six weeks since I twisted my hair, I’ve learned two things… or maybe I should say that I re-learned two things about my scalp because I’m sure that I already knew this. Here they are:

  • I must wash my scalp with shampoo (GASP!) at least once a month. I know, I know — I am not a lover of shampoos, but I’m not talking about a regular, sulfate shampoo. I’m talking about something like a natural, coconut-free shampoo. I love co-washing and I will continue to do it, but my scalp hates build up. When I co-wash for a few weeks, my scalp begins to act up and that causes a bunch of other problems for me to deal with. So, I am resigned to washing my hair with shampoo (I’m still using my Country Rose Soap Co.’s natural liquid shampoo and I’m quite happy with the results) at least once a month. 
  • Castor oil and olive oil are friends to my scalp. I have heard/read many people who said that putting oil on your scalp is wrong for whatever reason. I disagree — in my experience, oiling my scalp has helped combat issues of dryness, flakiness and overall bad scalp feelings. From the day I got my twists put in, I’ve been oiling my scalp regularly — at least twice a week and it’s feeling great. It stays relatively clean, my hair is feeling nice and moisturized (I’ve had to redo a couple of twists — it’s grown too!) and I don’t have the tight feeling across my hairline.  I know that the oil is doing something because when I was in NYC I didn’t bring it with me. Oh it was a horrid mess in there when I got back (it didn’t help that I was sick and sweating in my head). So, with or without braids, I will oil my scalp on the regular — the oils may change, but they will be used.

OK, I gotta get started! Have a great Thursday!


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