Hairlista’s Healthy Ends challenge update

A week before I put my twists in -- this is my Accidental Protective style

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my Hairlista’s Healthy Ends Challenge. It’s 10 weeks in and I’m doing OK. On some fronts (daily moisturizing) I could be doing a lot better, but I’m making a valiant effort.

My kinky twists are six weeks old. It’s been six weeks since I’ve played with my own kinks and coils. I’m getting extremely bored with my hair. My sister-in-law just got her hair re-braided and I just love the freshness of new braids. My hair still looks good (thanks to me re-braiding some of the front due to boredom), but six weeks is a long time to rock the same ‘do.

That being said, I know I will miss the convenience of getting up and going and not having to plan my evening around the state of my hair.

So, I’m taking the twists out this coming weekend, a week shy of two months. It’s been a stretch, folks, but well worth it – my hair has grown, my ends have been protected and I’ve learned lots about my scalp. I haven’t made my next braid appointment, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to protect my hair from the elements.

Minutes after my kinky twists were finished. Don't they look hot? I will miss them.

Oh no, folks!

I’m in this challenge until the bitter end in April 2010. And, while I miss my twist-outs, I know that in the long run, my hair will thank me for being kind to it over the winter. From this weekend, I’m gonna be rocking my wigs at least for a month to six weeks. I’m excited and scared – I haven’t tried on either wig that I bought in NYC. I’m just hoping that I don’t look like a mess.

Here’s what’s going down over the weekend:

  • Braid removal with lots of conditioner if needed. My hair is feeling very moisturized, so I may be able to get them out without the conditioner
  • Hot oil pre-poo with extra virgin olive oil. I’ll leave it in for about 20 minutes
  • Wash with Country Rose Soap Co.’s natural liquid shampoo
  • Deep condition with heat using QP Elasta DPR and Miss Keys 10 en 1 for about 30 minutes
  • Moisturize with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream (I’m testing this one out)
  • Seal with Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir
  • Finally, style hair into eight to 10 flat twists and leave to dry

Then I’ll try on the wig. I have my shears and I’m prepared to cut it to suit my face. Thankfully, my parents are going to be at my house. My mother will either explode into laughter if I look ridiculous or she’ll say, “It doesn’t look too bad.” My father, on the other hand, will grumble about me wearing false hair. The Hubby will just want to stay out of the conversation.

Wish me luck – I’ll post pictures next week!


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