The Accidental Natural’s Top 5 reasons I’m happy to be nappy

Happy New Year, all! I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve — I’ve never been. Christmas is the big thing for me, but I will still be celebrating. This year, I’m going to be pretty low-key, hanging out with friends and family for the evening. Hopefully, bringing in 2010 with some jokes, food and fun. Whatever you are doing, be safe and ring in 2010 in style.

Today, I’m sharing the top 5 reasons I’m happy to be nappy. If I were to think about it, I could come up with many more, but five is good enough for today 🙂

  • I’m happy to be nappy because I’m more comfortable with me. I am not my hair, but my hair makes up a large part of who you see when you look at me. For many years, I wasn’t comfortable with what I looked like. I was always trying to do something different with my hair that would feel like me. The first style that felt like me was braids. Next, was when I cut it short. With relaxed or texturized hair, I never was completely happy with how it looked or felt. Now that I’m 100% nappy, I feel like me — like who I’m supposed to be. Maybe ’cause I’m older, but I think my hair has had a lot to do with it.
  • I’m happy to be nappy because rain, snow and sleet aren’t such a big deal. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t like nasty rain water on my skin, but I don’t have to fear the elements anymore. This past summer when my friends got married, it was a beast of a day. Buckets of rain were falling from the sky and it was humid. The ladies with relaxed hair styles were in trouble. Me? I was rocking my cornrows and looking as fresh and dry as a daisy. I’m happy to be nappy, ’cause my styles last 🙂
  • I’m happy to be nappy because I stand out in a crowd. That could be good or bad, but for me it’s good. I’m not the only natural sister in Toronto — I know that, but in a crowd, I’m one of a few. I’m unique — like a fingerprint or a snowflake. Yes, my relaxed sisters are unique in their own right, but my eyes will always go to the girls rocking the natural ‘do. Why? Because it’s different — I haven’t seen that style or look before. Relaxed hair is cool, but I’ve seen that.
  • I’m happy to be nappy because I can do my hair myself. This is a big one, folks! When my hair was relaxed and texturized, I was scared to drop some perm into my own hair. My scalp was very sensitive and I didn’t want to end up with a chemical burn. I didn’t want to make my hair drop out or do something crazy that I would end up regretting. Hence, I spent a lot of time at the hair salon getting my hair done. Now that I take care of my own hair, I don’t have to worry about sitting at the salon every other Saturday and spending plenty of dough on my hair. My hair is done when I have time and when I want it done. I don’t have to wait until there’s an available appointment or anything like that. I really only check the salon when I need my hair braided. For that reason alone — having the freedom to do my hair when I want to — I’m extremely happy to be nappy.
  • I’m happy to be nappy because of the freedom it gives me. I have options — I can wear my hair straight, curly, wavy, kinky or in whatever style I can think up. I love that! As long as I can think it up, I can do it. I remember growing up and going to a particular salon in Montreal and the hairdresser there said that I couldn’t get a particular hairstyle because my hair wasn’t good enough or long enough. When people constantly feed you crap, you will start to believe it. Thanks to great stylists now (the ladies of DSM) who made me feel like my hair was beautiful and getting comfortable in my own skin, no one can tell me anything about my hair except that it looks hot.

There are so many other things I could write — reasons why I’m happy I decided to go natural — but this summed it up pretty well. What are your thoughts? Why are you happy to be nappy? Or why did you decide to go natural?


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  1. I changed stylist seven times within 3 1/2 years, my hair was severely over processed, and I was spending five hours in the salon every two weeks for less that three inches of hair. RIDICULOUS!!!

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