Be optimistic. Be hopeful. Stay strong.

I have to say, January hasn’t started 2010 on a positive note.

At the end of 2009, I kept saying, “I feel good things for 2010!” Well… it’s definitely been difficult to say the least. Although the last week has tested my faith and been hard to deal with, I’m still going to be optimistic and say, 2010 will be a good year.

It can only get better.

This weekend was trying. Seeing a friend suffer a loss is never easy. The Hubby’s friend’s parents were visiting Haiti when the earthquake struck and his mother didn’t survive. Thankfully, he heard from his father, who is safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

If this disaster taught me anything it taught me this: life is precious and short. I leave home every day and expect that I will return home in the evening. That isn’t always the case. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow, so make sure you live your life right.

On Saturday, we went to a rally in support of our Haitian brothers and sisters. All I can hope is that something positive will come out of this. I’m going to continue donating, praying and doing whatever I can to help Haiti recover and prosper throughout 2010. And I hope that a lot of other people will do the same thing. We can’t forget and we can’t ignore. Haiti should have never been left in the state that it was in.

This week, I’ll get back to regular hair posting. Last week, it was necessary for me to focus my attention elsewhere. For my own sanity, I have to do something else to dilute the sadness and misery — this blog is my outlet. Writing makes me feel hopeful. Laughing makes me feel optimistic — and that’s where we need to be. As the Hubby’s friend and his family mourn and grieve, we need to bear them up with our hope, strength and optimism.

Keep Haiti in your prayers.


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  1. kwietstorm says:

    Thanks. I also plan to donate, even when the news headlines no longer care to include Haiti…

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