When a good hair ‘do goes bad… – Part 2

Good morning, y’all!

Yesterday, I was in a tizzy trying to figure out what the heck to do with my hair. I had rocked a cute twisted/flat twisted updo for about a week and the style had reached its limit. I was a hot, fuzzy mess. Some folks here and on Facebook thought I should untwist the entire thing and wear a twist out with a headband.

Great idea… in theory.

I hadn’t twisted my hair with the intention of wearing it out. I would have had all manner of textures on my head and I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to control them with a headband. Add to that, I was scared to try this style and have to go to work. If it was the weekend, I would have been willing, but not on a work day… not when I don’t know what the results will be.

Anyhoo, last night when I got home from the chiropractor, I got to work. I had planned to only wet my hair, but my scalp was looking a bit shady, so I decided to do a quick co-wash (so much for not manipulating my hair too regularly) with Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship (I’m still of two minds about LTR — it’s good, but it’s not as good as I thought it would be). I conditioned with Organix Vanilla Silk conditioner, and did two strand twists with Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream (I’m liking this product a lot).

I put the twists in corkscrews and went to bed after watching American Idol and Monday night’s The Bachelor (what is wrong with those chicks? I mean really? This is going to be the shortest Bachelor season yet, ’cause Jake is cutting women like no one’s business!).

This morning, I took down the corkscrews and my hair was still damp, but looking pretty good. (Sorry, no pics again — I tried taking one with my camera phone… FAIL! I look like a hotter mess than I did yesterday. I, readers, have some pride. So, no pictures for you! I’ll take a couple tonight and post them :))

Hair saved! So, the moral to my tale is: know your hair! If a week is all you can get out of a style, don’t try to stretch it — unless you don’t mind looking like a mess on the street.


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  1. Sidjazz says:

    LOL…I’m glad to hear that you managed to do something with your hair. For a minute there yesterday I was deeply concerned about what I’m getting myself into:) Joking, I’m enjoying this ride too much to look back now!

    Maybe you need to invest in a “hood dryer” (if you don’t already have one) so you can part dry under there. Can you tell that I’ve been doing my reading…Curly Nikki seems to be impressed with the fact that they help to dry the hair faster.

    1. urbansista says:

      Trust, I was concerned too! “Bad” hair days (it wasn’t even that bad, I was burned by my own laziness) are few and far between. I’ll deal with a bad hair day if it means that my hair will be healthier in the long run.

      I have a hooded hair dryer, but I hate dryers… well, I hate feeling like I’m tied to one spot. It’s OK on the weekend when I have time, but on weeknights I’m multi-tasking: doing laundry, cooking and doing my hair — I can’t sit still upstairs!

      I guess I either need more patience to sit still for 45 minutes or learn to deal with and enjoy damp hair 🙂 Luckily, the roots were pretty dry — it was just the parts that were in the corkscrews that were still damp. By the time I got to work, it was all dry.

  2. Sidjazz says:

    That’s what concerns me, by nature I’ve been lazy when it comes to my hair because I’ve depended on a hairdresser for so long. I don’t like “hooded hair dryers”either but I’m so used to them from getting treatments every month at the hairdresser.

  3. Angel says:

    How do you do the corkscrews? It is very cute.

    1. urbansista says:

      Just explained it in the Doing the ‘do — Just because post 🙂

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