Be optimistic

It’s been two weeks and some since the Haiti earthquake and slowly people are thinking about other things. Thankfully, people are still paying attention. Although there is still a lot of sadness and confusion concerning the situation, there is also rays of optimism.


Well, Haiti has gotten the short end of the stick for a long time. People — including myself — haven’t paid a lot of attention to the island nation and didn’t realize just how bad things were for the people. Dictators, unscrupulous politicians and more have run amok and left the people in the lurch. Hateful countries made Haiti pay for its insolence in a number of ways.

And in that hardship, Haitians lived, got an education, hoped and tried to create a better tomorrow — but you can’t have a better tomorrow of people today have their feet on your neck.

All those debts that Haiti has are feet on its neck. Read this.

So, now the people of the world know what’s going on and, while some countries are plotting how to divvy things up again, some countries and some people truly want to help (not save) Haiti. Maybe this time, we’ll get it right. (As an aside, CNN has a special coming up called Saving Haiti. I’m not Haitian and I don’t claim to speak for Haitian people, but I would be highly disgusted and pissed if someone, who hadn’t done right by me in the first place, now was planning to ‘save’ me. Yuh gonna ‘save’ me like how a butcher saves a pig? Yuh gonna ‘save’ me after yuh done abuse me? We’re benevolent saviours all of a sudden? Whatever. Chupse.)

In honour of the hope of my Haitian brothers and sisters, here’s one of my all-time favourite songs Optimistic, by Sounds of Blackness

BTW, don’t forget to keep giving. I know that many people have given to Haiti’s earthquake relief, but we have to keep giving and help those who are in need. As someone said, this is a 911 call — it ain’t charity. Find out how you can help here.

Have a great Friday and a good weekend, y’all!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Great insight. My heart breaks for Haiti. I had to abstain from watching CNN as the cynic in me started to question certain movements and comments from the U.S. I didn’t want my mind to wander and lose focus on what really matters. What is vital in this time and even beyond is the social progress and reconstruction of Haiti. Ultimately it lies within the people themselves (governement and the citizens.), who have proven to be survivors in the face of adversity. It is incredible how generous people have been during this time however when the media attention dies and the cameras are gone, there is still a country that has a long road of recovery ahead. I believe that their debt should be cancelled.

    Oh and I love the SB tune. Wow, haven’t heard it in a minute. It definetly lifted my spirits..:)

  2. jdid says:

    they want to save a piece fa demselves that is all

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