Extra! Extra! Shipping fees SUCK!

Hi all! I’m working on a product review that, hopefully, will be posted tonight. Until then, I wanted to quickly tell you about what I found online. So, if you’ve been reading my blog, you would know that I hate, HATE paying shipping charges — especially when they are ridiculous. There is no reason why I should pay more than what the product actually costs in shipping fees. This is the reason why there are still a number of products that I would love to try but won’t because I will not pay exorbitant shipping fees.

A pet peeve of sorts.

Anyhoo, I was trolling around online and sadly thinking, I would love to try Dickey’s Hair Rules! But last time I checked either the shipping fees were ridiculous (I don’t know why — Canada isn’t THAT far) or they don’t ship to Canada (again, I don’t know why — Canada isn’t THAT far). Alas, I made up in my mind that I was not going to ever try Hair Rules… until I found them at Bath & Body Works! Yay!

I’m not saying that I will try it — my PJism is pretty nonexistent right now. What I have is working and I’m certainly not switching things up in the middle of winter. I’ll have to wait until summertime. The great thing about this product being available through Bath & Body Works is the shipping charges are minimal… well, maybe not minimal. Shipping and international handling fees are estimated at $19 on a $45 product…


It’s less expensive than going through CurlMart.

A word to companies: lower your shipping fees, dang it! There are millions of curlies outside of the States who want to try your products but are fearful of the shipping fees! C’mon folks! Make it easy for a kinky sister to find her go to product. Why won’t you let my curls be great?


I take back everything I just said. I still won’t be purchasing Hair Rules until I get back to NYC this summer. And even then, on bare principle, I may refrain from buying the product. Who wants to join me as I protest and chant: “Bring shipping fees down! Bring shipping fees down!”


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