Side-eye of the week: John Mayer

Idiots come with all types of voices.

No, I haven’t done one of these in a long time. People weren’t riling me up enough to put them on blast, but, John Mayer, you’ve taken me from that place of calm where I talk about hair and products and made me good vex.

Black History Month has led me to be annoyed for many reasons. Not the month itself – I love BHM, but the amount of craptastical nonsense that has taken place during these first 12 days. I won’t get into all of it, but I will say: my country has a far way to go in race relations and inclusivity. Anyway, back to the topic at hand — John Mayer recently said some pretty derogatory things about women (his exes Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston) and Black women, specifically in a Playboy interview.

Check the quote:

PLAYBOY: Do black women throw themselves at you?

MAYER: I don’t think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f***in’ David Duke c*ck. I’m going to start dating separately from my d*ck.

(If you want to read the entire interview, go to


Yeah, this one’s a winner. He uses the N-word, too. I think he thinks he’s an intellectual. I think we know that he’s a jackass. And a big ol’ side-eye goes to the interviewer for asking is Black women throw themselves at John Mayer. Really? Why would you ask that question? Chupse. Did you ask if Asian women or Native women or Jewish women throw themselves at this fool?

Now, if you want to talk trash about particular people, go ahead. I don’t care – that’s between you and them. When you talk foolishness about Black women, I get vexed. I’m not vex because John Mayer isn’t a fan of sleeping with Black women. Whatever, do you, homie. But, when the man describes his penis as a white supremacist, I start getting angry.

And when I hear Black women say, “Meh. Whatever. It’s not a big deal,” I get close to going postal.


I am tired of us, Black women, selling ourselves short and being OK with being disrespected. What he said was inappropriate, ignorant and stupid. White supremacists didn’t just not want to date Black women, they didn’t just not think we were hot. No, they didn’t date us, they raped us. And they killed us and abused us.

When someone compares his parts to a white supremacist – especially someone from the south who probably knows a little about the barbarism and hate that white supremacy inflicted on Black people – I must call him out. And I must call out any Black woman who doesn’t see an issue with this.

This isn’t about being overly sensitive about what some douchebag singer has to say, it’s about people thinking they can say whatever they want without repercussion. Oh, sorry, all they have to do is give us a lame excuse or apology. Next, he’ll do a duet with Beyoncé or have a sit down with Rev. Al Sharpton and we’ll all be OK.

You know, I don’t know if John Mayer is a racist. I don’t know him personally and I don’t know enough about him to say so. I know that I can’t listen to Waiting For the World to Change without giving him the side-eye. I think I can say that he definitely doesn’t like women — I think that’s plain to see the way that he’s talking about his ex-girlfriends and Kerry Washington. (If I was Kerry, he’d have a stiletto in his throat #imjustsayin’)

Anyhow, John Mayer, as much as I love the song Daughters and I thought you rocked it out at Michael Jackson’s memorial service, I am so THROUGH with you, your parts and your lack of knowing when to shut your damned mouth. Before I give myself a headache fretting about this idiot, here are some links that you can check.


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  1. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    wonderfully put!!! He disgusts me at this point, and because I’m on twitter I see a lot of these women defending his raunch ass. It’s…I swear sometimes I feel as if I’m living in a twilight zone. We want to be respected…we want & desire the same things other races have, yet we continue to give idiots like this a ‘pass’ when they say something this inappropriate. Power & progress comes from putting your foot down when you’re being slapped in the face by insanely stupid comments like this over privileged person dished out earlier this week. And frankly, I think it’s a call for ALL women to stand up and speak out because you’re right, he CLEARLY has issues with the women in his life, which he chooses to exacerbate in the media for everyone to nit pick and rehash during a time when solidarity and remembrance of Black History Month should be the main priority.

    What an ass!

    1. urbansista says:

      Tell me how you really feel! LOL! I just get so annoyed when people — when women, when Black women — don’t get it. This isn’t about who JM cares to get his jollies with. It’s about being disrespectful of women and, it seems, going out of his way to be disrespectful to Black women. When I see my sisters saying, “whatever, he hasn’t had any chocolate yet!”, I’m like ,”WHAT? Is that really the point?” The majority of women I’ve seen write about this haven’t said anything of the sort, but I saw some comments on Black gossip blogs that made me say, for the third time this week, I weep for my people. He gets no pass (‘hood or otherwise) from me. Bun him.

  2. jdid says:

    do you date black women? a simple no would be fine. its his preference whatever he wants but to then start with the david duke stuff stuff is idiotic. plus the whole hood pass comment. what was he just trying to piss off black folk.

    man leff he dey wid he so n so kkk member

  3. girl….I wish I could high five you, and have this printed all over for everyone to see. I mean damn, everyone is so full of freaking apathy these days that they don’t even CARE anymore if they are being horribly disrespected. NOTHING riles people up anymore, then they wonder why they are the laughingstock of the world. ugh

  4. The Hubby says:

    Mayer was so full of himself that I don’t even believe he thought he said anything wrong until angry sentiments came from the public. I think his career will feel the impacts of these comments on his next album.

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