Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Hey all! I hope you all had a great Easter long weekend. I spent much of my time with family and friends. I hung out with one of my close girlfriend’s new bundle of joy. She’s so precious and sweet! She totally made my Saturday (that and seeing Why Did I Get Married Too?).

Anyhow, I’ve planning my holiday schedule for this summer and I realized, I’m going to have MANY opportunities to do some cross-border hair product shopping! I’m planning to go to Hartford, Miami and New York over the summer AND possibly Vegas with the Hubby this fall.

Good shopping times!

OK, I’m not going to the States strictly for shopping purposes. I’m going to a family get-together, a birthday celebration and a conference, but I’m definitely planning to get some products that I would have to pay all the foolish shipping charges people want to charge folks outside of the U.S.

But, I’m not bitter.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to my trips to the U.S. and all the shopping that I’m going to do.

Whoo hoo!


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