I’m back — but sick!

I love summertime so much that I do too dang much, hence the reason that I’m sick and on my back today. I do have a few posts rolling around my head:

  • BlogHer ’10 and NYC round-up
  • Product review: EcoStyler Olive Oil Styling Gel
  • Product review: Kimmaytube’s Leave-in Conditioner
  • Some comparison pictures – a year of hair growth

And some random posts that I’ll come up with. So, I’ll be back online in a bit — I just need to get back on my feet (which are still sore from palancing during Caribana and walking 51 blocks in Manhattan on Sunday night).

Have a good one!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zainab1 says:

    Hope you feel better soon !…take care.

  2. nikkele says:

    Get some rest! I can’t wait to see your hair progression.

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