August to August – a year in growth

I was going to do this in September for my second nappyversary, but I’m inspired. Over the past year, I haven’t always been able to see my hair growth. So, sometimes I’ve felt a little discouraged. But I turned a corner this spring — after wearing protective/low maintenance styles — and my hair is growing steadily. As much as I complain about wearing protective styles and low maintenance styles, I have been convinced: they are a worthwhile method to retaining length. Now, do I want to wear them all the time?

No. That won’t happen.

But I do realize that I do have to wear them regularly — definitely more regularly than I’ve worn them over this summer. So, tonight, when I wash my hair, I will be putting my hair in a low maintenance style. Next month, I’m going to be braiding my own hair (I know! I haven’t braided my own hair since university, but I got some inspiration) and rocking a protective style for at least eight weeks.

On to the pictures!

August 2009
August 2010

I’m happy with my length retention — I have no complaints. Summer, free-flowing hair fun is over and now I’m going to be more serious about keeping up with my low maintenance and protective styles and hopefully, the next comparison will show even more growth.


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  1. Nikkele says:

    Isn’t it exciting when you see progress? I have been wearing my hair in two strand twists often. I’ve learned the importance of protective styling because these ends will turn on you if you don’t treat them right. Even though I am in a region that stays hot and humid all the time, my hair still needs TLC on a regular basis. I just had my two year anniversary in July. I am looking forward to the next two years. Can we say exponential growth?! Here’s to more length! Good luck!

  2. Brendita says:

    Your hair looks wonderful & healthy! You look absolutely beautiful: Great smile!

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