Clutch Magazine: Breast Cancer Survival Rate Are Increasing

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and I’m going to be sharing article, thoughts, whatever, concerning breast cancer education and more. I figure, if I can fill an entire blog with information about hair, I can take a couple of posts this month to share some information that may save someone’s life.

So, last week, I saw this article at Clutch Magazine : Breast Cancer Survival Rates Are Increasing. This is awesome news! Although the best survival rate would be 100% — or better yet, it would be better if no woman had to deal with breast cancer. Here’s a clip:

The study comes from the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center. Results shows that 60 years ago, a woman diagnosed with any form of breast cancer had just a 25 percent chance to living 10 full years, now today, the survival rate for breast cancer is more than 75 percent.

Until we find a cure, we should be happy that survival rates are increasing — although too many people are dying from breast cancer.


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  1. Shan says:

    I love that news! My great grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 and died at 43. My grandmother was so worried about her odds that she had a double preventative mastectomy in her 30’s. My mother was diagnosed with it at 43 and she is now a 21 year survivor. What a big change, and it makes me hopeful that things will get better for myself and my daughter!

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