Vacation hair – what to bring?

You guys may remember my first vacation hair post from when I was going to Miami this summer (check the post here). Well, I’m back on the road again – the family and I are going on vacation in January and I’m already planning. Planning what clothes to bring, planning was tours to go on and, of course, planning what to do with my hair.

I know, I know — I have two months to figure it out, but the thought of palm trees, sea and sand have me thinking vacation and vacation hair!

I know I can’t bring all the products that I’m accustomed to using for my 10-day vacay. Last vacation I whittled it down to a few products that would be multi-purposed, but before I choose the products that I will bring, I first have to decide what I’m doing with my hair:

  • loose natural ‘fro (my hair does enjoy the humid weather, but it’s too big to put under a big sunhat)
  • cornrows (I haven’t done cornrows in a minute — they may work for a week and a half of leisure)
  • kinky twists (I love my kinky twists, but I wear them all the time!)
  • crochet braids (this one is a HUGE maybe because it would be the first time that I’m installing them. As much as I am confident in my abilities, I would not take any chances)

I probably won’t decide what I’m doing until some time next month, but to keep you entertained I’ve come up with the first poll on The Accidental Natural. I’m curious to know what your are thinking readers!


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  1. Naturelle a Montreal says:

    I have been following your posts for the last several months and the practical information you provide has been helping me through my transition. Thank you! It has been nearly 13 months since my last texturizer.
    I will be in India for 3 weeks over the holidays and am also debating what to do with my hair. Access to water is limited where I will be staying so it will be a challenge to cleanse and condition my hair with a bucket of water! I am considering getting braided extensions as a protective style. If I decide to just stick to my regular protective style, a low bun, I will definitely bring Knot Today leave-in, Desert Essence jojoba oil, and Suave Naturals coconut conditioner on the trip with me.


    1. urbansista says:

      Allô Naturelle a Montreal! I am a native Montrealer! How are things in Mount Real? Thank you so much for your words! I really do appreciate them and I’m happy to help anyone that I can. This natural hair thing is totally a journey. My first question would be, how does your scalp react to heat and humidity? I know for me, if I don’t wash my hair once a week, it’s a problem. But, I do know that there are many natural ladies who can go for a couple of weeks without washing and their hair is flourishing and happy. If you can go without washing it for the three weeks, then do so. The products you’re taking sound really good — all light and won’t make your hair dirtier or more product-y that it needs to be.

      Braids are always a good choice when you’re traveling — less fuss and muss. I’m sure that you want to spend your time exploring India rather than twisting hair!

      Have an awesome time! India is one place that I’d love to travel to — one of these days 🙂

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