Winter weather and more

Good morning all!

Hope you had a great weekend and, if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, you were able to dig out from all the snow. I am so not impressed! Yesterday afternoon, the Hubby and I were going to put up our Christmas tree — I’m already two weeks late on this… but I fell asleep (a full belly and a TV tuned to sports will do that to me sometimes).

Courtesy Google Images

Anyhow, when I woke up about two hours later and went upstairs to get started, what did I see?

Snow! Everywhere! Dang it! It’s still fall! Alas, this is life when you live in Canada, right? It was a good reminder to me that it’s time to get serious with those protective styles. The weather isn’t going to be kind this winter, so be kind to your hair…

Talking about being kind to hair, I learned something very interesting about my hair after straightening it last week: I need to treat my ends better. I have a nasty habit of yanking out single strand knots because they annoy me. By doing that, guess what? I have split ends. I can’t blame anything or anyone besides myself. So, I had to give myself a trim — not as bad as the Major Trim of ’09 — and get rid of about two inches of hair. What sucks? I was hoping to be fully APL by the end of the year.

That ain’t gonna happen now.

My hairdresser did tell me that I needed to get trimmed every three months, but I didn’t want to believe that.

I think she was right.

Especially if I’m being cruel to my hair. So, I either have to be kinder to my hair or I have to trim it more regularly. So, I am going to attempt to be kinder. No more ripping single strand knots out of my hair and more fingercombing when I’m washing. I probably won’t straighten again until March, so I’ll let you know at that point what’s going on with my ends. Besides that, my hair is growing pretty well. Hopefully, I’ll be APL by March.

Lastly, on Saturday, I was at Winners and guess what? They have HUGE bottles of Giovanni conditioner and shampoos on sale of $14.99. The only thing that they didn’t have was the Direct Leave-in. I don’t understand why it’s so danged hard to find that leave-in. It’s ridiculous! Thank goodness for! I heard it was available in Zellers, but I didn’t see it at my local one — I guess I’ll have to go to Healthy Planet to find it. Keep leaving comments if you see Giovanni Direct Leave-in in your neck of the woods.


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  1. zainab1 says:

    I love that image with the pretend snow falling…cool!

    So true indeed we must take care of our ends 🙂 Thanks for posting, take care and be safe in the weather 🙂


    1. urbansista says:

      I knew that pulling SSKs out would damage my hair, but I never really thought about it… until I saw the ugliest split end ever.

      Thanks! The weather is clearing up in my neck of the woods. It’s really cold, but it’s Canada in December. I really shouldn’t complain 😉

  2. Shan says:

    I hadn’t started my daughters winter hair routine yet, but this snow is a definite reminder to do so! Great to know Giovanni products are sold at Winners, I love that stuff for my hair as well!

  3. Nikkele says:

    I trim my hair more often now. Instead of giving it a blunt cut what I usually do is snip the ends a little when I put my hair in small twists. The little I cut on each twist is not significant enough to cause my hair to be uneven. I find that taking care of natural hair entails quite a bit of vigilance.

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