The greatest twist out ever!

Yes, last week and this weekend, I rocked the greatest twist out ever! As much as I complained — and I complained bitterly — about my Essential Wholesale purchase, their Olive Nourishing Creme is the truth. My hair was moist, soft, fluffy, defined and it got better each day. These pictures are from The Hubby’s celebration on Saturday. My twist out is five days old:

As much as it annoys me to have to go through the frustration of purchasing and importing the products, I will do it again. Look for the review this week.


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  1. r*dean says:

    wow – 5 days is pretty awesome.
    I wonder how similar your olive oil nourishing cream is to the ‘Gro Healthy – Olive oil cream’ I found and love too.

    Over the 5 days, how do you maintain your hair? Do you moisturize daily/spritz with a water/moisturizer combo?

    1. urbansista says:

      It is pretty awesome 🙂

      I may have to look for this Gro Healthy Olive Oil cream so I don’t have to deal with Health Canada and the world to get my products to me. The Hubby says it looks like spackle, but it works!

      Each night I would moisturize with the the same Olive Oil Nourishing Cream and seal with Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. Then I would make about 10 big twists and slap on my head tie. Night before I got home too late to retwist anything, but it was still wearable.

  2. r*dean says:

    I’d definitely recommend trying the Gro Healthy Olive Oil cream. My sister has also gone natural / has drier hair then me and also loves it. Your hair instantly feels soft and moist after applying to ‘dry’ hair. And it’s inexpensive. I think I got mine for $5.99 cdn

    1. urbansista says:

      It looks great, but it has coconut oil in it. I hate being allergic.

  3. Nikkele says:

    Yes m’am, you rocked it! Doesn’t it just put you on a whole other level when you’re coif is just right? I especially love it when your hair settles after a day or so and it just fills out nicely. And one more thing, WORK that fur coat girl!!!!

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