Quick scalp + hair update

A couple of posts ago, I complained that my scalp was acting up because of the stress I was dealing with. I wanted to give you a quick update because things are looking up. First of all, my stress level has come down… a lot. My dad is feeling better and that makes me feel better. My scalp isn’t carrying on and acting up — which also makes me feel better because who wants to be picking flakes off their scalp?

Not me.

I washed my hair last Saturday and my scalp is in pretty good condition — as is my hair! I’ve been using the Kimmaytube method for washing, conditioning and detangling. And I’ve revisited Kimmaytube’s leave-in conditioner. I think that when I first tried it, I wasn’t doing the right things in terms of my technique, so the leave-in wasn’t as effective. I’m not using the exact ingredients or measurements, but I am seeing a difference. Nightly, I’m moisturizing my hair with either Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-in Treatment (review to come) or a mix of aloe vera juice and rosewater. I seal everything with Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey.

I am loving the results. And I’m loving that what I’m using doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m so over spending a mint on hair products. I’ll try some more expensive ones every now and then, but I can’t. I want to travel, redecorate my bedroom and office and do other things with my money rather than dropping hundreds of dollars on hair products. Not when water is free and olive oil, castor oil, rose water and aloe vera juice are cheap.  The only thing that I didn’t do this week is a protective style, but I’ve been keeping my hair in low maintenance styles.

Unfortunately, when The Hubby was on vacation, he drained my camera’s battery and he can’t find the charger. So, I’m camera-less and can’t take any pictures. I’ll try to do it on the computer and post some pics tonight. We’ll see how the rest of my day goes.


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