Be careful of hair dyes!

Hi all,

Long time no post. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and tired as all get out! At least I’m not throwing up any more. I’m praising God for that 😉 17 weeks to go!

Today, I saw an article at the Toronto Star’s website and thought it was important to share with you. It’s pretty timely because I was just thinking of dyeing my hair because my last attempt at henna didn’t do much in terms of colour. I still have a head full of greys that I’m looking to be rid of.

That being said, I was considering dropping by my favourite spot, Shoppers’ Drug Mart, to pick up a semi-permanent hair dye for the holidays. You can’t be decking the halls with streaks of grey, you know?

I happened upon this article that will definitely make me think twice. Check it out here.

Eyes swollen shut. Faces puffed to twice their normal size. A sudden collapse followed by a coma. Even a death.

Startling cases of suspected allergic reactions to hair dye springing up in the U.K. have raised serious concerns about the safety of the product, particularly the use of a known allergen used in hair dye sold in Canada.

What’s the allergen, you ask? PPD or paraphenylenediamine. It’s a well-known allergen that’s an irritant — but it’s more than an irritant if it can cause swollen eyes and faces and, more scary than that, a sudden collapse followed by a coma or death.

Colouring my greys is not that important.

As I always say and a word to the wise: read ingredients and do your research before you put any chemical or new product on your hair or skin.

Beauty is not worth your health.


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  1. Curious but do you use BAQ henna powder? I’m surprised it didn’t cling unless you need to switch to a henna powder with a higher dye content to cover greys. Do you also use indigo or no? Honey Fig up in TO has a brand new shipment coming in this week.

    1. urbansista says:

      I used Jamila henna, but I think I know what the issue was: I made a batch a while back and didn’t use all of it. So I froze it. Fast forward five months and I was finally feeling well enough to henna. I decided to defrost it and slap it on. I think that it may have been old and just not doing what it was meant to do. When I used your Yemeni henna a while back, my greys were bright red and popping! I have some more of the Jamila henna – unmixed and in the freezer. I’m going to use it before the holidays and see if it was just the fact that I used an old batch or if that henna just doesn’t do it for me.

      No, I don’t use indigo – that just sounds like too much work and I’m sooooo lazy right now 😉

  2. B-Curlie says:

    Wow very scary indeed…i was thinking about dying my tress too, not so much anymore. I’ll look into another natural alternative though…

    1. urbansista says:

      Have you tried henna? Khadijah, who posted above, runs a great site, and they have a bunch of different hennas that you can use to dye your hair naturally and safely. Check them out.

  3. nikkele says:

    I like to use Clairol Jazzing. The only dye that gave me trouble was Dark n Lovely. The lighter hues were harsh on me and broke off my hair. My grandfather had an allergic reaction to dye. His head blew up like a balloon.

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