OT: All I want for Christmas

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Today is a bit of a stressful day for me.

A year ago, this Tuesday (the actual date was December 14) I got a call that my dad was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a stroke. My family spent the next month in the hospital with my dad before he was transferred to a rehab centre.

Thank God, he’s doing well. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts — I know my virtual family was wishing us the best. He’s been a home since February and he’s troublesome and surly as ever. (If you know my dad, you’d know that these are his normal traits.)

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, my phone rang. My heart jumped. My stomach immediately got sick. It was my father-in-law – the same person who called me a year ago to tell me that my dad was at the emergency. Guy, I nearly fainted. I took a seat on the stairs and gave the phone to my husband.

Sad news, a close family friend had passed away after a long illness.

Something about this Tuesday…

Anyhow, as we prepare for the holidays, let’s not forget to spend time with the people we love. You know what? Don’t even wait for the holidays. Make every day with them count. Even on the days when I want to choke my parents because they are being unreasonable, lawless or miserable, I thank God that they are still with me.

We were talking about gifts and gift-giving for this Christmas and I really couldn’t think of anything that I want besides healthy, safe and happy friends and family. If that’s all I get, I’m good. So, my grown up Christmas wish is that everyone – including you, faithful readers or someone who stumbles across this blog this holiday season – has God’s blessing on their lives this holiday and in 2012.

Hair post to come 🙂


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  1. Nikkele says:

    All the best to you and your family. Your wishes are well received. Sorry to hear of your news. I pray you and other loved ones of the deceased are at peace knowing that he/she is no longer suffering.

    1. urbansista says:

      Thanks. I didn’t know him well, but my husband and his family were very close to him. I have a soft spot for folks dealing with sick relatives and death at this time of year. We just have to enjoy our friends and family while we still have them.

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