Just watch the wedding, dammit

meghan-markle-prince-harry-kensington-photocall-leadI’ve been watching/seeing the coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding. Some of the coverage has been positive (“Yay! Royal wedding! Fascinators! English people!”) and some has been negative (“Colonizers! Who cares! Welfare families! Meghan ain’t even Black!).

I’m not a royal watcher. I have major issues with legacy of the royal family and what they’ve stood for over the years. They’ve overseen the colonization of lands around the world, the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the destruction of Black and Brown peoples over the last five centuries. I am annoyed with British parliament over the treatment of the Windrush Generation.

The royal family stood for that kind of behaviour by being the head of Great Britain. Whether or not individual members of the family were happy with the laws of the land, they are the figureheads of the nation. They had been neutral, for the most part, about what the government supported or didn’t support.

But things changed with Princess Diana. Say what you will about Diana, but she seemed like a decent person that struggled with being a part of this family. She became an activist working with people with HIV and AIDS–which was big things in the 1980s–among other things.

And she raised her boys well. Yes, we saw some faux-pas in the past that really made me question how much sense Harry had, but that was 13 years ago and he has seemed to mature and grow into a man who cares about people, check the Invictus Games. I do like him and his big bro and heir to the throne Prince William.

I didn’t know much about Meghan before her engagement to Prince Harry–I didn’t watch Suits. I saw her in a Reitmans commercial (anyone outside of Canada, it’s a clothing retailer) and was like, “Who’s that?” and had to go to Google to figure it out. Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve learned that she’s a bi-racial woman who is an actress by profession and has amazing fashion sense.

I say all of that to say, I will be up at 4 am with my mom to watch the nuptials live on Saturday morning. I will have my tea, eclairs and my blanket as the sun rises and we watch the pomp and circumstance of the nuptials of Meghan and Harry.

I neither love the royals nor I hate them, I’m pretty much indifferent. I love weddings. I love to see the lovely outfits and the, hopefully, spectacular dress. I love that a bi-racial woman is marrying into one of the whitest institutions in the world.

Whether or not you think Meghan has thrown up her Black Power fist enough, she has definitely learned what some white folks think about her by the UK tabloids calling pretty much calling her a ghetto chick because her mother is a Black woman. I would say that as of today, the other side of her family has caused more so-called ghetto-ness…and who’s glad about that? Because trust, the Black side would have been scorned and cursed out loudly had they behaved like Meghan’s white dad and half-siblings. But that’s another blog.

Pretty much, I fall into the camp of I-love-weddings-and-want-to-see-the-dress.

Watch the wedding if you want. Don’t watch if you don’t want to, but see it for what it is: a wedding of two people in love. The family–both Harry’s and Meghan’s–are complicated…but who’s family isn’t?

Just no one cares to follow me around the burbs and snap photos of me at Walmart.

Congratulations to the happy couple.



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