Yassss! Fashion on a budget


I think I’ve mentioned this before: I am not one to spend a lot on clothing. It just seems like a waste of money. When my sister-in-law invited me to the chartering of the Toronto chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha last weekend, I needed to find something to wear.

As much as I enjoy social media, I hate it because we cannot re-wear special occasion clothes. You go and buy a great outfit, put in a lot of work to make it look amazing…and can only wear it one time because of the bajillion photos splashed all over Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

So, I had to find something to wear. I had shoes and handbags, but I wanted a new outfit. As this was a black tie event, I started looking at gowns from ASOS and Hudson’s Bay…but nothing spoke to me. I had a very tight budget of $150–not a lot for a fancy dress. Guys, I was frustrated. I’d like a dress, but not love it…so I’d hesitate and not buy it.

Time was ticking, so I went to where I go to get everything: Amazon. I’ve swimsuits, socks and stuff like that I wouldn’t be too fussed about if they didn’t live up to my standards, but yes, yes, y’all, I went to Amazon.ca to find my fancy outfit.

I found this and fell in love. Paired it with this and voila! Fancy outfit found and I didn’t have to spend weeks in and out of stores looking for the perfect ensemble.

Sexy, huh? Giving all types of 1970s vibes in the spot. 

So, what was the total? Under $70!

Guy, I rolled into the very posh Omni King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto like a BAWSE.

I absolutely love when I love what I’m wearing and rock it hard. I remember too many times when I wore something that I only felt was OK and spent the entire night regretting my choice and wishing that I wore something else.

Are you questioning Amazon? Here’s another banger that I put together in October 2016 for a wedding I went to:

Forgive the photo–I was so sick. I had a horrible stomach flu and I had to pull my life together to attend this wedding. Well, the next day 😐 (Skirt and sash, Amazon.ca; lace top, Forever21 online.)

Listen, Amazon is the TRUTH. Yes, I know there are many people who find it hard to order clothing online, but if you can? Go for it. Even if not for clothes, their accessory game is on point. The body jewellery that I wore, I wouldn’t have known where to go to pick that up in person. That’s the beauty of online shopping. Ethically, I’m conflicted because retail is having such a hard time being successful, but the convenience cannot be beat.

Oh, congratulations to AKA on their Toronto chapter chartering! Let’s see the ladies of the League of Pearlfection stroll!


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