Top 19 shows and movies to binge in the times of coronavirus

Copy of Top 19How is everyone doing?

I’m settling into some kind of weird new normal. Afternoon walks around the neighbourhood–ensuring that we stay six feet away from neighbours we come across. Binge watching TV news to hear every little thing that’s COVID-19-related. (Remember, get your information from reliable, reputable sources. There’s a lot misinformation being shared online. Be smart and be responsible.)

Last night, the family–minus Nana–played a board game. After the kids went to bed, the adults watched a movie and it was great to disconnect from the craziness which is our world today.

I heard about Netflix Party–you and your friends can watch a movie in your own homes because it’s all about social distancing–and I sent out a message to some family and friends today. No one sent me their suggestions, so I decided to drop a couple of my favourites–on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So what are my top 19 movies and TV shows?

  1. Red Eye (2005). This thriller takes place on an overnight flight to Miami. All I can say is I would not want to meet Cillian Murphy in a dark alley. He’s a spooky dude. (Amazon Prime)  
  2. The Purge (2013). The New Founding Fathers of the United States allows people 12 hours to go on a killing spree. Do you trust your neighbours? These folks find out. (Netflix)
  3. Coming to America (1998). Eddie Murphy classic. An African prince travels to New York City, specifically, Queens, to find a bride. Hijinks ensue. (Amazon Prime)
  4. Star (2016 – 2018). Three young women head to Atlanta to make it big in the music industry. If you like drama, you’ll love the nonsense of this show. (Seasons 1 – 3,  Netflix)
  5. Scandal (2012 – 2018). Where is Olivia Pope when you need her? This fixer, when she’s not fooling around with the President, gets the job done. The first few seasons are great, then it slumps. The finale season pulled it all together. (Seasons 1 – 7, Netflix)
  6. Stranger Things (2016 – present). Things aren’t right in Hawkins, Indiana. A group of friends must find out what the heck is going on. And it’s set in the ’80s, so Generation X will reminisce over the pop culture references. God only knows if we’ll see Season 4 this year…and I have questions. (Seasons 1 – 3, Netflix)
  7. Get Out (2017). Some call it a horror movie, but I think it’s more of a thriller. Chris, a Black man, goes to visit Rose’s (a white woman) family in the forest and every Black person’s greatest fears are realized. Thank God for the TSA. (Netflix)
  8. Dear White People (2017 – present). What do Black students at a PWI really think? What are they really dealing with? This series highlights race, racism, colorism, love and more and, of course, there’s lots of drama and sexy time. (Netflix)
  9. The Golden Child (1986). Another Eddie Murphy classic. It’s a silly, fun movie that Kanye West references in Gone. Murphy goes on an adventure to save the Golden Child and fights bad guys in a small leather hat. (Amazon Prime)
  10. You (2019 – present). Joe Goldberg is a madman, but the nicest madman who you’ll never want to date…but you don’t know that yet. He’ll do anything for you. Good luck. (Netflix)
  11. I Feel Pretty (2018). Amy Schumer is a complete fool in this movie but it is so, so, so funny. I cackled the entire movie and it was worth the hour and 51 minutes that I spent at the mechanic watching it while my tires were being changed. (Netflix)
  12. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018). What would you do if you wrote love letters to every boy you had a crush on…and your little sister sent them? GASP! Poor Lara Jean now has to navigate life knowing that her crushes know how she felt/feels. (Netflix)
  13. Greenleaf (2016 – present). Lord help us all! This is one megachurch that you only want to attend if you’re looking for bare lawlessness. The Greenleaf family is into some shady business. Praise the Lord and pass the offering plate. (Seasons 1 – 4, Netflix)
  14. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2019). I remember hearing about all these wealthy young people heading off to the Bahamas because Ja Rule, Billy MacFarlane and a bunch of pretty Instagram influencers told them to. All hell broke loose. This documentary gives you all the tea. (Netflix)
  15. Turn Up Charlie (2019). Charlie is a wasteman. A DJ who had one big hit and then went nowhere. His very successful friends get him to look after their problem daughter. Good times. Get better Idris! (Netflix)
  16. Gossip Girl (2007 – 2012). Blair, Serena, Dan and the gang are rich (mostly) white kids who go to a posh, private New York school. They live like they have no parents and there is no way this show was suitable for anyone under 21. (Netflix)
  17. A Simple Favor (2018). Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are in this black comedy thriller about a murder. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s good. (Amazon Prime)
  18. Deidra & Laney Rob a Train (2017). These young sisters are desperate. Their parents are of no use. They need food, they need to pay bills and they need a college education. How are they going to do it? Rob a couple of damn trains. (Netflix)
  19. Love is Blind (2020). If you haven’t heard about this reality TV show that is a combo of 90-Day Fiancé, Dating in the Dark and The Bachelor, you have been living under a rock. It’s not Emmy-worthy content, but it’s definitely something for a Netflix party. Look out for Jessica and her nonsense. (Netflix)

BONUS: 2012 (2009). From what I can see it’s not available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. I adore this movie–it’s one of my most favourite disaster movies. John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson star in this end of the world thriller. The earth is literally collapsing and everyone has to get to China to be saved. “Lift your big ass for Sascha!”

I will be checking out Schitt’s Creek because it looks hilarious.

Those are mine–there are a bunch that I’ve left out and more that I’ve forgotten. Do you have any movies or TV shows that make your top 19? Stay safe, y’all!


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