A new favourite style???

Last night, I felt like playing around a little with my hair. It was really soft from my protein deep treatment and not looking like how I wanted it to. I had untwisted the six flat twists I had in the front of my hair and the wavy, curly thing it was doing was so cute I decided to flat twist my entire head.

Here are the results:

See that the curls are elongated?
I'm still practicing the shots of myself from the back...
I'm still practicing the shots of myself from the back...

I wet my hair, added some moisturizer and made about seven flat twists from front to back. This afternoon, I opened them up and fluffed and this is what I got. Cute, huh? I’m washing on Thursday and I’ll try it out on soaking wet hair — if it looked this good on damp, can you imagine what it’ll look like set on wet hair? I’m very excited!!

This is challenging my two stand twist out as a new favourite style… My only concern is how will it look in the morning after I sleep on it. We’ll see tomorrow.


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