Shake your body down to the ground

SDC10544Today, the husband and I are celebrating two years of marital bliss – how great, right? We wanted to do something fun for our anniversary – but what? As far as I know, Toronto doesn’t have a dinner and dance joint – not a restaurant that turns into a club after 10 pm. Not a club blasting Lil Wayne where sweaty people are rubbing up on one another. I’m talking about a place where men are in suits and women are in dresses and people can have a nice dinner and dance to songs like Step in the Name of Love and Can I Take You Out Tonight.

I sound old, don’t I?

I would love to dress up – not wear my hot girl jeans and a cute top. I mean, pull out my sexy red dress, put on my heels and spend the evening dancing – not grinding or doing the stanky leg – with my husband. The club is cool for Caribana, but if you want a different environment where you can act like a grown up (picture Natalie’s from New York Undercover), what are your options?

SDC10551What did we do? We went to a lovely brunch spot called Hy-Tea Teahouse and Restaurant at Frenchman’s Bay Village in Pickering. Then we took a walk along the boardwalk, did some shopping (I went wig researching – that’s for another blog) and rented a movie.

So, my lurking blog readers – I know you’re out there – do you have any ideas for next year’s anniversary?


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  1. jdid says:

    I got to check out that place at Frenchmen’s Bay. I onnly ever go down there to the swings and slide lol

    I’m sure there are dinner and dance spots in the T-dot how could they not be.

    1. urbansista says:

      I haven’t heard of any besides Babalou’s and I didn’t like the food there. I’m hoping that someone who’s reading (that means you lurkers!) who have some ideas can send some my way…

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