Bleach, Nip. Tuck: The White Beauty Myth – Episode 2

Part one disturbed me, I ain’t gonna lie. It also made me angry — why do you think you have to change your features to fit in? What kinda crap is that? Why aren’t you strong enough to fight that? I was most angry at the Black woman who wanted to change her nose and the South Asian woman who was bleaching her skin. I wanted to yell at them and make them know that they are the way they are supposed to be. I wanted to beat it into them…

But I had to check myself.

Not everyone had the support system I’ve had and not everyone handles racism the same way. I very much look like a Black person and I love it, but not everyone was raised to be happy with what looks back at them in the mirror. And, as I blogged before, the beauty industry hates women and people of colour — no one is ever good enough. What it comes down to is that these people, for as crazy and self-hating as I think they may be, are trying to deal with living in a society that they believe won’t value them how God made them.  This is how they are trying to cope — which is sad.

Anyhow, here is episode 2:



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  1. Lady Kinnks says:

    You’re right, I get angry but I don’t know what its like to have a family that doesnt support me, who doesn’t think I am beautiful. It is our job to keep pumping positive information and images of Black beauty! ~Lady Kinnks :o)

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