My regimen: Winter 2010

Hey all,

So, I have a ‘My Regimen’ section that I wrote back in September. Two things are different now: a) it’s the dead of winter and good cold outside; b) I’ve figured out some things that I was still clueless about five months ago. This is my updated winter regimen — of course, all regimens are a work in progress unless you’ve been natural for years and years and figured it out or you’re just not a product junkie.

I fall into neither category — I’m still learning about my hair and my scalp.

Here’s the update Winter 2010.

What’s your regimen? I’m always interested to find out what other naturals are up to.


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  1. Angel says:

    You have great looking and healthy hair. Please explain how you do the chenee bumps.


    1. urbansista says:

      Thanks Angel. I left some instructions in your previous comment here: Take a look there for some help.

  2. myaliasfotography says:

    My hair is currently in braids – and will be for the year – but when I do wear it out my routine was always a daily wash and go. Partly because I was a regular gym goer and had to wash out the sweat but mostly just to style it. I conditioner washed it and shook it in the shower to activate the curls. I’ve always used petroleum based products as they seemed to work well and I never found [was not inclined enough to find] natural products that worked as well. Hopefully now, I’ll make some trips to find some good natural products.

    1. urbansista says:

      I’ve always been curious about wash-n-gos. I tried it once and it didn’t work out so well — but I will try it again once spring is here… real spring, not wet/cold/damp spring. I’m sure there are natural products that will work as well as petroleum based ones, but if it ain’t broke, be careful about fixing it 🙂 I stopped using petroleum based products because what I was using in my relaxed hair, my natural hair laughed at. Just like some people don’t use silicones because it’s ‘bad’, I use ’em if they are in products that I like. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. Angel says:

    Today, I tried Chatto’s Nature’s Natural Aloe Moisture Mist. This product is like Liquid Gold. It left my hair shiny, moist and best of all it detangled too. I had tried Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Conditioner with aloe and which her site states can be used every day. That stuff let my hair frizzy and a tangled mess, and also nappied up my hair. With Nature’s Natural Aloe Moisture Mist, there is no Reverting. Hair is soft to the touch and no oily feeling. This product is an excellent product and also conditions. I am totally pleased with this product!

    I am also trying Nature’s Natural Twist and Grow Loc Cream. So far, my twists are holding tight, and they too are shiny with no shrinkage. It is purported to give a tight hold, especially for us 4Bs and will also help the hair to grow. I will let you know tomorrow how my hair comes out.

    These products can be found at

    1. urbansista says:

      I’m a bit confused… you said no reverting. Are you flat-ironing or blow drying your hair? My hair is nappy all day, every day — it can dry out, but it can’t revert.

  4. Angel says:

    I stretch my hair or straighten it out some by washing then going under a dryer with Jane Carter’s Wrap and Roll on hard Goody rollers. This really loosens it up for me so my hair won’t look so short and good for the tangles. Then I two-strand twist my hair and also roll them up. So when I spray on the Aloe Moisture Mist, it did not make my hair get shorter or tangled up like the other mist did. The Aloe Moisture Mist is a really great product to keep our styles hydrated and conditioned.

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