OT: What!?! I actually like Tiny & Toya’s show

Tiny & Toya work it out

While I love talking hair, every now and then, I want to rant/discuss/opine on something different. So, this is the first post in an occasional series, OT – Off-Topic.

Yep, I do. Last night, while I was doing my hair, I tuned into the show and I was pleasantly surprised.

When the show first aired, a lot of African-Americans were complaining. From that ruckus, I chose not to tune in. A couple of months ago, I stumbled across Tiny & Toya and I watched.

I was not insulted or angered by any of it. They didn’t act like fools or be promiscuous running around from dude to dude and embarrassing themselves. They were just two women dealing with some serious issues. Tiny’s dad has Alzheimer’s Disease and she’s coping with his memory fading to the point he doesn’t remember he has children. Tiny is also holding down her household with her partner T.I. is locked up, she’s opening a nail salon and managing a girl group featuring Toya and rapper Lil Wa.yne’s daughter Reginae. Toya’s mother is a drug addict and Toya is trying to get her help. She’s also raising her daughter and looking for love.

I honestly don’t know why people were fretting so bad. Understandably, people have NO faith in BET’s ability to air proper programs that people with sense can enjoy or get something from. The people complaining about Tiny & Toya are the same people who fret every time Tyler Perry has a movie in theatres. (I like Tyler Perry movies and, unlike what some people would have you believe, I am university educated.)

Anyhow, I like Tiny & Toya — the show and the women. They both appear to be down-to-earth, family-oriented people that I could see myself hanging with. I don’t understand the venom some people were displaying — there are shows that are 10 times trashier and more ignorant than this.

Don’t judge the show by the network or who you think these women are. I’ll be tuning in next week.


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  1. myaliasfotography says:

    To me, it’s just another ‘reality’ show – and not a particularly interesting one. My sister and I kid, how WE need to get our own reality show, seeing as it seems like anyone can and people will watch. Albeit, ours would consist of watching my sister on the couch watching reality shows, with my in the corner on the computer 🙂 It could happen.

    1. urbansista says:

      LOL! My sister and I used to say the same thing. Our show would be extremely boring with us watching TV. Although, I have a couple of friends (friends who are a couple), who have become the King and Queen of Reality Television in our little group. They did some home renovation show as well as Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

      On Tiny & Toya, I was just shocked that it wasn’t horrible like some people made it out to be. It’s not the next best thing, but as far as reality TV shows goes, it’s good. I won’t knock The Hills, because I will be watching it tonight :), but it’s nice to see people talking about something more useful than who dated whom or who has the best picture of the week (I’m not knocking America’s Next Top Model either, because I still watch it with great joy).

      BTW, my mom and sister love the idea of sitting for a portrait! I’ll email you to get some details.

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