This is purely superficial, but…

…there is something great about washing your hair and having it smell delicious.

I remember way back in the day as a child, my mother would use all types of Black hair care products on my hair, including the smelliest of the smelly: Dax  hair grease. We started off using the blue and the red, but somewhere along the way, she picked up the black Dax and things went downhill.

I smelled of sulphur or some strong medicinal scent as if I were dealing with lice or some serious scalp issue aside from dandruff every now and then. It wasn’t a good look or smell for me as a young’un.

Nowadays, I can wash, condition and moisturize my hair and it smells like raspberries or mint or something nice that whenever the wind blows and I smell my hair, I smile and say, “Dang. My hair smells good!”

Yes, it is a purely superficial benefit of a) getting to know what I can use on my hair and knowing it doesn’t necessarily have to come from the Black hair store and b) hair products — including ones for Black people — smelling much better since I was a child.

Tonight, when I get home, I will spritz my hair with the sweet smelling Oyin Juices & Berries and seal with the musky Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir and continue to enjoy the yummy smell of my hair 🙂

Just a random Friday afternoon thought. Have a great weekend!


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