OT: I’m not a shoeaholic, but…

Aren't these hot? These shoes gave me life when I put my foot in them. Sweet the day will be when I roll out in these and a cute dress.

…I can’t wait to wear these when the weather gets truly, really, totally hot and summer-like. I was in Winners with my friend, Dear Auntie Social, a few weeks ago when I saw these hot shoes. Now, I had decided not to buy any shoes in Canada.


They are too dang expensive for the most part. It annoys me to have to spend more than what is necessary to look nice. So when I walk into Al.do or Town Shoes and I see prices like $99.99 or more for shoes that I know will burn my foot, I am disgusted. Now, if I can go to Burl.ington Coat Factory and get five pairs for the same price, that’s how I can get down. And the shoes were cute!

But that’s besides the point. These beauties were decently priced and made my foot sing a happy song when I slipped them on.

Just thought I’d share šŸ™‚

Have a great long weekend!


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  1. The Relaxed Chick says:

    The Petite Feet sale is on down the street….(literally down the street from me LOL) but I couldn’t bother fighting the crowds.

  2. The Relaxed Chick says:

    Oh…I forgot to say those are sweet. Yes, I’m tired of the $70 ALDO shoes, too. And I’ve vowed to avoid synthetic as much as possible. Leather is better!

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