Wash-n-go 2010: Pictures

Earlier this week, I decided to do a wash-n-go — although my first experience wasn’t a good one. Now, I’ve heard there are easier ways to do a wash-n-go (wash, condition, shake hair and go), I heard about another method where you comb a styling product through your hair and let it dry. A little more labour intensive – it took me about 45 minutes and then another four or five hours to air dry.

Here are some pictures:

Look how curly and coily! So cute!
I'm styling with my shades. Yay for summerlike weather!

I feared the knots and tangles that I’ve heard about with wash-n-gos, so I washed and twisted my hair last night because I knew if I didn’t do it last night, it wouldn’t get done until Sunday at the earliest.

I don’t mind the wash-n-go — it’s a different look. The only thing I didn’t like is that my hair felt hard… I may have been heavy handed with the gel. I do have a Miss Jessie’s product that I picked up in NYC that I may try the next time I am brave enough for a wash-n-go.


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  1. r*dean [myaliasfotography] says:

    When I do my wash and go, I always do it the day of in the shower. Conditioner [moisturise depending] and shake. I pat dry when I get out -maybe shake a bit more – then I style immediately while still damp – usually pushing back into an afro puff. I find that my hair would dry fairly quickly.

    I also then wear it that for the week – and each day as you do the shake, the curls coil up more. Usually I’ll then only detangle my hair weekly or every two weeks, and when I go to do it, I would drench my hair in conditioner and then use a wide tooth comb to detangle. I didn’t find with my hair that I got any knots or tangles. Maybe I’m lucky.

  2. urbansista says:

    Your hair looks cute! Maybe I’ll try your method and see what happens. (BTW, I know the person in the picture next to you! We used to work at the same company — small world, huh?) I don’t believe that my hair is prone to knotting, but from my experience with the dreaded fairy knots and flat twist out tangles, I was a bit worried about tangles and knots… I’m a big scaredy cat anyway.

    I’ll let you know if it works out for me the next time I try it. (If it stays as hot as it has been, trust me, I will try it sooner rather than later.)

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