OT: This is the reason…

…I love Burling.ton Coat Fact.ory! Next weekend when I’m in Miami, I’ll be rocking these pretty little numbers. I’m so not a shoe junkie, but I can understand why some women are. View and enjoy 🙂

I never thought that I would buy a pair of shoes like this, but when I saw them...
... I was drawn to them and my foot itched to be in them. So I decided to try them on...
...and my foot sang! They are super cute and I can wait to wear them 🙂

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  1. zainab1 says:

    They are sharp !!!!! enjoy!!!!

  2. nikkele says:


  3. urbansista says:

    I know, right? I will have to take pictures when I wear them and show the entire outfit with hair ‘do 😉

  4. those will be CRAZY FUN for miami 😀 have a good time on south beach, party it up at Mansion, Opium/Prive, FountainBleu. Have a mojito for me! (I went to college there)


  5. Steph says:

    EEEEEEkkkkkkk!!!! Those shoes are the biz!!! Love them. You can always get a cute find at BCF!!

  6. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    yay! Another girly on the Burlington Coat Factory Train! They really do have some amazing deals…your cute shoes are proof of that! I scored a few things there last week myself, and might peruse again before the summer is over, lol!
    Have Fun in Miami!!

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