Caribana’s in the air! What should I do with my hair?

Yes, folks, Caribana – one of my favourite times of the summer (the other is my birthday) – is around the corner. I’ve already started my celebrations by going to the Scotiabank Caribana Art Exhibit and the Gala After-Party last week. I was planning to check out the King and Queen Competition, as my sister and I always promise to do, but that didn’t happen (it never does and we try so valiantly). We are planning to lime on Friday night, check out the parade and a party on Saturday, go to another party on Sunday and head to Harbourfront for Island Soul on Monday afternoon. Check out some the events here.

This is from the Caribana launch a couple of years ago -- I couldn't attend this year because I was out of town.

This coming weekend is going to be little crazy with all the events and family who will be visiting.

With all of these goings-on, my biggest concern this week (obviously, my life is pretty good) is what am I going to do with my hair that will last from Wednesday night to Monday night? I already know that I won’t have any time to do anything besides rudimentary upkeep for the next couple of evenings.

I’m thinking of doing a staple style: some flat twists at one side, then two strand twists that I’ll twist out Friday. I’m thinking if my hair can hold up in Miami’s heat and humidity, a couple of Toronto parties shouldn’t be too bad 🙂


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  1. nikkele says:

    A style I like to wear are two strand twists up do:
    1. Make three large cornrows with the twists on one side and the back
    2.With the loose side I either curl them and let them hang like spiral curls or I bunch them up and make a pompadour.
    3. I add three cowrie shells, one in the front, one on the side and another somewhere in the middle so it all won’t look so planned, lol
    You can email me if you want to see pics of how it looks. I am not sure if I am going to post them on my blog. I’m still camera shy, lol!

    1. urbansista says:

      I love the idea of the cowrie shells! I don’t know if I want to do a full updo, but I’m on the fence. Why are you camera-shy? I know I’d love to see your pictures on your blog! As you can see, I’m a blog extrovert. My husband is always worried that I”ll post his picture online. No worries, I’ll forward you my email address 🙂

      1. Nik says:

        I always think someone is going to take my picture and misuse it. I don’t know how to fix it so that it cannot be copied and pasted. I’m paranoid I guess but I do need to put some styles on there. I have one picture up but I’m wearing sunglasses so I guess it doesn’t count, lol!

  2. nikkele says:

    Ok, I finally put up some pics of the style!

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