The production: henna, deep condition, straighten and style

The holidays are always a really busy time for me. This week is just an example of my madness and the reason why my Christmas tree is still sitting in its box on the floor of my living room – who has time? I so don’t right now.

That being said, regardless of lack of time, I owe you a proper blog post! Here’s a quick one.

Although I had promised to keep my hair in kinky twists until this coming weekend, I had to take them out because I had an event to go to on Saturday night and the twists were looking a bit raggedy. So, over the course of last week, I took the twists out and got started to do the production.


I washed my hair with Henna Sooq’s berhempsu shampoo bar. Woo hoo! Love that stuff, boy! It’s sweet! Sweet, sweet, sweet! I swear, I have never used a shampoo that was that moisturizing. And it gets sudsy!

Once my hair was clean, I henna’d with my new Jamila henna with some amla mixed in for good measure. I really needed a henna treatment – not just for the conditioning properties, but these danged grey hairs were driving me INSANE! I looked like a skunk. I needed to get rid of them quick – how can you go out and look cute with grey hairs? I mean, people do, but I look like a mess.

Next, I deep conditioned with Curl Junkie’s Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment that I got at my last visit to HoneyFig (post on that visit coming soon). I didn’t know what to expect – I had never used any Curl Junkie products, but I was surprised. My hair seemed to like it. I don’t want to scream from the mountaintops, I’ll give it a couple more tries before I review it for you. I detangled and left the treatment on for about an hour or so and rinsed it out. Put some Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner and twisted my hair into about eight twists, slapped on my bonnet and hat and went grocery shopping.

Isn’t singing Christmas carols and doing groceries great? Love it. Later that night, I went to the airport with my sister to pick up my parents. We dropped them home, my sister dropped me home and I collapsed into bed well after one a.m.


My great plan was to straighten my hair for a couple of reasons: I wanted to do a length check and I wanted to see what my hair looked like six months since my last straightening session. I was a little scared to go back to the salon to get my hair straightened because of the heat damage from the first time. While I was at the grocery store, I bought Got 2b CrazySleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion – it said that it was great for coarse hair. That’s me! That’s me!

I untwisted my hair section by section and worked a couple of sprays of the blow dry lotion through my hair. Next, I pulled out my Andis tourmaline blow dryer and started blow-drying on a pretty low heat. To be honest, I did such a good job detangling that the hair was pretty well stretched and I don’t think I needed to blow dry my hair. After blow drying, I had a huge mane of hair. I mean HUGE.

Not my best picture -- no makeup, no nothing -- but look at the bigness of my hair!

I got my flat iron heated. I’m using an old ceramic flat iron that I bought probably six years ago. It doesn’t make my hair as straight as I’d like, but because I don’t plan to straighten more than twice a year, I have no plans to buy a new flat iron. The problem is, because it doesn’t straighten as well, I can tell that my hair is past shoulder length, but I can’t get it straight enough to really see the length. Alas, it won’t kill me.

I put my hair in a bun – which I slicked back with Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey – and got dressed for the party. Unfortunately, because I was rushing and tired, I don’t have any pictures from the party. I may have some later – or some pictures of my hair today.

But the joke is, I’m tired of the straight hair! I want my twists back! I swear I’m never happy. I wanted straight hair, I straightened it and now I’m bored and I want twists. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be tired of dealing with my natural hair and I’ll want to put some kinky twists in.

It’s a never ending saga with this hair 😉


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  1. Love reading about your regimen!

    The Berhempsu bar is the one that lathers the most. It always depends on the recipe, proportions of certain oils etc..but this one has a high lather and I love the bergamot scent. It’s one of my faves and I created this one on my own. Figuring out what to name it was a bit tough though. It has a lot of exotic ingredients.

    I haven’t tried Carol’s daughter Mimosa hair honey, but I tried a few other items when I moved down here. Honestly, I kind of didn’t like her products but maybe I didn’t try the right ones. I love Curls, a lot, big time.

    1. urbansista says:

      I’ve heard a lot of people say the same thing about the Carol’s Daughter’s products. I must say, I like some of them, but they aren’t necessarily my favourite products. I wanted to try the Mimosa Hair Honey because I wanted to be able to slick my hair back without using hair gel in the winter. I’ll review that in a few weeks once I get a good feel of how the product works. I do enjoy the Hair Milk as a leave-in conditioner and the Healthy Hair Butter is nice, but I don’t really care for the beeswax in there.

      I’m a product junkie at heart, so I do like checking out different products. The thing is, once I’ve spent the money on them, unless they are absolutely horrific, I’m going to use it and not repurchase.

      BTW, the berhempsu shampoo bar is AWESOME, if you didn’t get that from the post 😉

  2. LOL!! really?! Is it that good 🙂 hehe. I am glad I was fortunate to have formulated it. It’s pretty unique in my opinion.
    It’s true I agree regarding Carol’s Daughter, as I’ve heard the same comments too. I really want to try Oyin handmade though as they are close by to me now.

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