Natural reporter on Global Calgary!

I live in Canada’s largest city, so I expected to see a natural reporter on a Toronto news station. The one reporter/host that was close to natural has ended up wearing weaves (and not so good ones, I must say) for her daily lifestyle program. That was quite disappointing, but who knows what her reasoning was.

So imagine my surprise as I’m working away and look up to see Cara Fullerton of Global News Calgary on my television (thank goodness for time-shifting!). I don’t know much about her because 1) I saw her for the first time ever on a news promo just a couple of minutes ago and 2) who would have guessed in all places I would see a kinky-haired TV reporter, wearing her kinky hair as is was on a promo for Global News Calgary. Calgary, folks.

Here she is… and, yeah, she’s also a body builder. Impressive.


Global Calgary's Cara Fullerton. Now, can I just get my body in that shape. Sigh. Photo courtesy of The Calgary Herald.

Woo hoo! Go on Calgary!

Learn more about Cara Fullerton here.


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  1. Shan says:

    Now I am obviously by no means a hair expect, but even I can tell that there is something wrong with Tracy’s hair right now. She’s on television, you think someone could have done a better job. She’s still beautiful, but I think she looks better with braids.

    1. urbansista says:

      Something isn’t right with it. I don’t know who’s doing it, but they need to do better. It shows you how gorgeous she is that she can pull off that weave and still look beautiful.

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