Everything comes north of the border in time: Shea Moisture

I’m sure that many of you know, but I just saw that you can get Shea Moisture products in Canada through Honey Fig.

I’m quietly saying ‘yippee!’

Why quietly, you ask?

Well, many of the products are going for $20 a pop. At Walgreens in the U.S. they are $9.99 USD. That is a $10 difference — not adding taxes and shipping fees if you can’t go in-store to pick up your Organic African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo or Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, which is going for $22.

I understand duty, taxes and profit, but seeing that Shea Moisture is an affordable brand in the States, I can’t rationalize spending at least $15 more to purchase it in Canada.

Especially if I’m going to Indianapolis in a couple weeks. And my sister is going to New York… and my sister-in-law is planning a Miami trip this summer. The line is readily available at Walgreens and Target.

So, if you’d like to buy Shea Moisture — and it’s gotten some really good reviews online — it’s at Honey Fig. If you’re going to the States (or have family or friends that are going to the States), save some bucks and buy it there.


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  1. Dang!! So sorry it is so much more expensive.. But it looks like a workable plan! Just make sure you buy enough to make it last for a while. The products are pretty nice…

    1. urbansista says:

      It sucks! A year ago, I may have bought it just because I wanted to try it, but these days I refuse to spend a mint on my hair. I’ve learned that you don’t have to.

      I’ve been calculating how much I’m willing to spend and on what Shea Moisture products. I definitely need for it to last because after this trip I probably won’t be heading back to the U.S. until next summer.

  2. Nikkele says:

    I have just begun using Shea Moisture and I am sooo happy with it. I use the Curl Enhancing Smoothie under my regular hair dressing to maintain moisture. I also use the Black Soap Purification masque which is superb. Since using those two I have less shedding and fairy knots. Lastly thank you for the Giovanni Leave-In mention. One word: Wonderful!

    1. urbansista says:

      I want the two shampoos and maybe the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I’m going to read some more reviews before I make up my mind. I have a few weeks before I travel. Oh! You love the Giovanni Leave-in? It truly is wonderful! I was lost (hair-wise) before I found it. It is a staple product 🙂

      1. Nikkele says:

        One thing about the Smoothie…it made my hair moist and my curls tighten like crazy, but it does not give me the shine it promises. If I do not work it in well, it looks like my hair is coated. I never use it alone but in conjunction with Marguerite’s Magic.

  3. Shan says:

    That is a really big difference, especially considering the dollar is the same right now. $9.99 is such a great price for any natural product. I’m definitely going to be stocking up on products while in the US this summer. I love supporting stores like Honey Fig and think it’s a great store, but we gotta save money wherever we can.

    1. urbansista says:

      Exactly – I love being able to support Honey Fig, but that’s a 100% mark up. If I can get it elsewhere cheaper I will. I don’t think that Honey Fig is hurting for business. The last time I was in there, it was ram packed with women buying product.

  4. misha says:

    yes, yes, and yes

    fellow torontonian here. the markup at honeyfig is hard to take. people complain at how expensive bee mine is, but i can order something from bee mine + shipping and it is still cheaper than the products over at honeyfig.

  5. Pearl says:

    My personal opinion: avoid Honeyfig. The prices are ridiculous. I was so close (so close!) to buying two jars of Shea’s moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie when I got to the checkout page and saw $51.00. WHAT THE @#?%4!!! I visited outerbeautysupply.com and got the same thing for $34.00. Still pricey, and it’ll take longer to get here, but completely worth it. Shooot….I ain’t rich!

    1. rl8dpeace says:

      I went to Clore in Brampton and bought the Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie for $16 and the Styling Milk for $13 – I also wanted to support honey Fig but there is no way I’m paying their inflated prices- I also got the Knots Today Leave in for $11.00 when everywehere else you have to pay $21…

      I believe they are also downtown Toronto and in Scarborough…

      Hope this helps

  6. Jen says:

    When the Canadian dollar is now almost par with the US and people are still trying to OVER charge us – just boycott them. I really love this product but I won’t be paying double at Honey Fig. I’ll make due and stock up when I’m in Buffalo. Bad karma for Honey Fig. If they sold it for $10 a bottle like in the US – they’d have way more sales.

    1. urbansista says:

      I agree with you Jen. I live supporting Honey Fig, but their prices are exorbitant. Doubling the prices on products isn’t going get them more customers.

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