A year of twists?

June 2011

I’m thinking of doing something different, y’all.

A year of twists.

Yep, I said it. And this is coming from someone who loves to play in her hair.

I’m thinking of twisting my hair in small to medium two-strand twists from now until June 2012. The reason? I really, really, really want to reach MBL (mid-back length) and I feel that I’m plateauing at just past collarbone length. I’m always just a couple of inches away from armpit length.

I’ve been here for a few months. I had to trim about two inches off because of the ends looked bad. I know that from December to February, I really wasn’t taking care of my hair how I should have been because I was more concerned about my father’s health and my hair wasn’t a priority.

Not that it’s a big priority now, but I can put more effort into my hair.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m thinking of doing this now:

  • My scalp issues are under control. I can leave a style in for weeks and not worry about flakiness and the itchies starting up.
  • My hair is longer and I am more comfortable wearing my hair twisted. I think I’m more creative as well with the styles.
  • I want to see my progress in pictures. If I’m twisting my hair every four weeks or so, I will have 12 pictures that will help me monitor and capture my hair’s growth.

Since I installed my mini-twists in early June, I’m going to consider June 1 my start date. So, how is this going to work? It’s not going to be anything fancy. I’m going to twist my hair at the beginning of the month (hopefully) and wear it twisted for at least three weeks.

Week 4 will be a twist out that I’ll wear for a week before washing and starting the process again.

What products will I use?

  • Wash with my Henna Sooq shampoo bar or my Morrocco Method mud
  • Co-wash with Head & Shoulders Classic Clean conditioner
  • Condition with Aussie Moist or Tresemmè Healthy Volume Conditioner (or, to be honest, whatever I have around the house)
  • Leave in – my modified Kimmaytube leave in using Giovanni Direct Leave-in or Kinky Curly Knot Today
  • Twist with either Essential Wholesale Styling Hair Jelly or Kinky Curly Curling Custard. If these run out before the year is up, I’m planning on trying out Naptural85’s flaxseed gel
  • Moisturize rosewater/aloe vera juice spritz (or, again, whatever I have around the house)
  • Seal with olive oil or shea butter (and I used out the last of the Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey and Healthy Hair Butter which I won’t be repurchasing)

The only products that I’m planning on buying are Shea Moisture shampoos if I see them when I’m on vacation. Otherwise, I’m planning to be quite simple and to the point.

Hopefully, in less than the 12 months, I’ll be a lot closer to my goal than I am right now.


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  1. jaybee says:

    good luck! remember, though, health is more important than length. genetics also plays a part in just how long our hair grows. i look forward to seeing photos… may the fro be with you!

    ps – don’t forget i got hair tings hay fuh you!

    1. urbansista says:

      Definitely, above all this has been a healthy hair journey… but I do have my length goal that I’d love to reach. Not with spindly hungry looking ends, but with strong, healthy hair. My hair can get to the length with care. I’ve never had a problem growing hair, it’s retaining length because I like to play up in my hair too much. Thanks man, I’m hoping the fro is strong in me.

      Yes! I will have to pay you a visit soon 🙂

  2. Moni says:

    Good luck! Hope it works for you! Unfortunately my hair is too thin for mini twists. The only protective style that really looks good with my hair is a bun, either loose or with braids or twists. Did you ever post a review of your Essential Wholesale products?

    1. urbansista says:

      Thanks! I am killing to do a bun, but because my hair shrinks up so much I’m finding it hard to pull it back. When I gain some more length I’ll try again. You know, I’ve mentioned them, but I never reviewed them. I held off using the Styling Hair Jelly during the winter because I wasn’t sure how my hair would react to gels in the winter. I know what my upcoming product reviews will be 🙂

  3. Val says:

    Oohh id like to do this with you as well! I’m at APL (just trimmed 2 days ago) and i want to reach BSL by the end of the YEAR. If its on then i’m w/ you. I might have to redo my twists every couple of weeks BUT i just need someone to do it w/!

  4. misha says:


    thats my plan too… well, five years. and right now, i don’t wear them out, but i wear a headscarf over them. one immediate downside is a weird tan line on my hair line.

    after 15 years of braids, though… my twists are not really small. they’re so chunky.

    twists are great because if you’ve detangled your hair, they will keep your hair detangled. detangling becomes easier. a great tip i got from naptural85 is to not borrow any strands when you twist. if yo don’t, you can use your finger and just pull it through the twist easily.

    i don’t keep my twists wet though. i keep them dry and stretched and i oil them… olive oil, avocado oil. coconut oil.

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