HoneyFig ‘Double Up 10% off’ sale

Hey all!

I haven’t bought from the folks at HoneyFig for a long time, but they are having a sale for those of you who are interested. Check it out:

Double Up 10% Off Sale!!!

Promo Code – DoubleUp

When life throws you challenges… Double Up.
Between the crazy weather, shortage of skus from our suppliers and lets just face it the shroud of glum, that this season always seem to dish out; we decided to have a Double Up Sale party.

Nothing better to get you out of the funk, than a good old Double Up, jam session! Jive to your favourite groove, while you purchase your products; but, don’t forget to add the 10% off Promo Code “DoubleUp” for all online purchases.

BTW – This also includes the items that are already on sale. Yep, double up on your savings; while quantities last.

Our February 10% promo is applied to all Beauty@HoneyFig services.

See HoneyFig’s “News” page, for listings on current sales that you can “Double Up” on.

Get your Double Up groove on… and Happy Valentines!

Your friends @ HoneyFig


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I really like your blog. Keep up the good work!

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