Ok. I owe pictures of my hair.

I owe product reviews of products I bought donkey years ago.

But, folks, my mind is clouded. Should I go ahead with my locs or just should I cut it all off?

My reasoning: my hair just isn’t feeling right. Not “oh, I need a protein treatment” wrong, but “damn! What the heck is up with my hair?!?!” wrong. I have a sneaking suspicion that my last trip to the salon did some real damage.

I don’t have the time to nurse it back to health, so I need to do something that I can manage. That means either stick with my plan to loc – although I’m concerned that my hair won’t look as good loc’d because I’m missing the thickness (hair’s dropping out) – or cut it off and start again with all the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years.

Decisions, decisions.

One good thing is that I’m not necessarily attached to my hair – thanks to experience, I know it will grow back.

So I’m at a crossroads: a red TWA or a head full of starter locs.

What’s a girl to do?


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  1. zainab1 says:

    Great to read from you again. I say big chop. Then should you decide to loc you will be doing so on a healthy head of hair. I hope it all works out for you either way you decide to go.Take care.


  2. Atiya says:

    Do both!!! Cut it all off and start some baby locs… after you dye it red!!!

  3. Yes I agree, it’s good to read your posts again. In terms of doing the bc or loc, I say to the locs. If you don’t like those, you can still BC. I can’t wait to see your new look, whatever you decide. Take Care!

  4. Khia says:

    Why not unlock them?

    Whoever does the locking for you, depending on how up to date they are may very well be hipped to the “unlocking” of locks, you’ll lose a lot of shed hair but not have to cut the length. It may be a long process though. But I would ask at least. ^^

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