I’m back…:)

Yo fam! It’s been a while! One marriage, two kids,  Pops’ death, new house,locs and plenty of things have happened over the last five years. I’ve started and sputtered to a stop with writing and blogging. It’s been hard, I can’t lie. Some days sliding into bed is the most creative thing I can conjure up.

But I do need my outlet, so I’ve decided to start writing again. Maybe not just about hair, but about any and everything, whenever I need to or whenever I want to. I need a creative outlet and this is it.

Years ago, I wrote a book. I tried to publish it and that didn’t work and I did the worst thing. I gave up.

I gave up my dream and settled for a ‘regular’ corporate life. 

That is so not me. Not being able to express myself was slowly killing me. So I said, lemme do me. Lemme put this out here and see if my friends and family enjoy my writing. Here goes. I’m going to deliver a chapter regularly…as I can. I got a family and a job, so I can’t promise, but I will.

Let me know what you think. Here goes nothing!



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  1. nikkele says:

    Hello my dear. Welcome back! Have you thought about self-publishing?

    1. urbansista says:

      Thank you!!! I have thought about…but then I got scared. Just thinking about putting it out there gave me heart palpitations. But I’m seriously considering it now.

      1. nikkele says:

        Been there. Email me if you want and I will send you info on how I did mine; print on demand. Very simple and ultra inexpensive process. nsheltonbooks@gmail

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