Let’s do this again!

meSo I’ve started and restarted and restarted this blog.

And here we go again.

My challenge with writing was finding the time to do it. Between work, family and the kids–and their schedules–it was really hard to find the time to sit down and write. And what to write about.

And would anyone care?

My confidence took a hit as well.

There has been a bit of upheaval in my life over the last few weeks, but with every challenge is an opportunity.

So, I’m reclaiming my time and doing some things for me–including getting back to writing. Yes, I’ve said it before, but I am making the time to write because, honestly, I need an outlet to share my thoughts. Every time I say that I’m going to write and I don’t, my creativity suffers.

As a writer, that is the worst thing that can happen: to want to write and can’t. It’s painful. I’m somewhat fulfilled by other things, but nothing takes the place of pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard.

And not writing what someone else is demanding you to write, but writing what’s on your mind and sharing that with a willing audience.

Here we go again, as Portrait says.


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  1. Keep striking the rock! Happy that you’re back, sis!

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