Bring on fall!

My favourite season is summer. But, this summer was questionable. Don’t get me wrong–I had fun, but it rained all the dang time.

All. The. Time.

The rain fell and during the most inconvenient times–like my first time playing mas at Toronto Caribbean Festival (or whatever they call it now), but that’s another story.  I didn’t have the time and the weather didn’t cooperate with me to have the house looking the way I would have liked for the summer season. Just keeping the cobwebs under control and fighting with the bees, wasps, hornets, fruit flies and various beasts that live in my neighbourhood tired me out.

All the Raid was bought and used.

I legit live in the suburban wilderness.

So, now we’re in the midst of October and the weather has tricked me into thinking it’s summer. It’s been warm and humid. The trees are still quite green and I only had to pull out my fall jacket a handful of times…but I think, finally, fall has decided to join us.

And with that, let’s decorate for fall! We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween is just around the corner. From wreaths, to pumpkins, there is just so much that we can do to decorate the house for the season.

My first stop was Michaels…Lord, you know, I could spend my entire pay cheque in that spot. (My new hobby is my Happy Planner! That will be discussed in another post.) I got two white pumpkins, some paint and a glass gourd storm lantern. If you go to Michaels regularly, you know that they always have a sale and 40% off coupons. Next stop was the Great Canadian Superstore for glass pumpkins, mini pumpkins to do a pumpkin craft with my oldest daughter and these cute owl tealight holders.

fall decor_8

fall decor_9

Finally, my favourite spot: Dollarama.

Now, Dollarama is not fancy, but, lemme tell you, you can definitely get the job done at the dollar store. You can get some cool stuff for cheap.

And that is my style.

fall decor_6

fall decor_10

Last week, we went to the nursery to get some fall chrysanthemums and pumpkins to decorate the exterior.

fall decor_3
Some garden humour!

fall decor_4

The wreath I made last year–yes, I made it myself for less than $30. I fell in love with the ones I had seen on Etsy and thought, “well, why can’t I make one?”

fall decor_2

fall decor_1

Anyhow, check out the house–it looks cute, huh?

fall decor_5
Make sure to water those mums! We missed some watering, thinking that the rain would do the job. It didn’t. My poor mum at the front is just dried up and tired looking.

Check back on Mondays for more home/craft/decor posts–especially as we get closer to the holidays!


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