Black lace + loc knots + sequins

20171027183937 (1)
‘Cause we ain’t got not one better thing to do than pose up in black lace, sequins and natural hair.

On Friday, the Hubby, my sister-in-law, KT, and I attended a birthday party for the father of a close friend. I’ll be honest, I don’t get to dress up often. I push to wear makeup once a week: Sundays for church. I may dash something on my face during the week if I’m doing more than going to the grocery store or the bus stop, but for the most part, when I head out Monday through Friday, I’m just trying to get to my destination on time.

I don’t really dress up too much either–I’m in jeans or sweats, whatever is clean and matches. I draw my line at wearing pajamas in public. I haven’t done it yet and I don’t plan to.

So, when I got the invitation to this party, I had to think about what to wear and what to do with my hair.

OK, so enough with the preamble. Here come the photos and details:

black lace1
See the plain face? Anyhoo, I had decided to wear my locs in curls because that’s my go to style. The steps are quite simple: fold your loc and wrap it around itself until you get a little stumpy knot. Secure it with a black rubber band. I normally do it when my hair is wet–the locs are more flexible and pliable when they are wet. I usually leave the knots in for at least two days to make sure the knots are dry and the curls are set.
black lace2
All knots opened and this is what we have–bouncy locs! I haven’t styled them yet, so not quite the full look.

Let’s take a moment and congratulate me for my makeup application. I like makeup, but I’m not an aspiring makeup artist. I don’t have enough places to go to warrant spending oodles of money on makeup. So, I use what I have…and beg my sister for her Sephora samples. What’s on my face, you ask?

black lace7

I forgot to set everything because I was running to pick up the Hubby at the train station so we could get to the party at its very early start time of 6 pm.

On the clothing tip, I had briefly thought of buying an outfit because I’m forever saying, “I don’t have anything to wear!!!!”

I have plenty to wear.

black lace8
 My sister-in-law, KT, who I spoke to earlier in the day reminded me of a sequined skirt I had bought from H&M in January 2016 for a steal. I believe it was $10. In October 2016, I bought a lace blouse from Forever 21 that I wore to a wedding. I combined the two and had an outfit.

Here’s the finished project: hair, makeup and outfit. I don’t look too shabby. As the Hubby has told me before, ‘you clean up pretty well.’

Thanks, I guess.

black lace3
Do you know how difficult it is to get a bathroom selfie shot and not have anyone in the bathroom when you do it? Yeah. It’s not easy. I love this skirt. I cannot lie. It was the best $10 that I’ve ever spent. The shoes I’ve had for well over 10 years. I bought them in Connecticut in 2004. They’ve seen better days, but they worked, so I wore them.
black lace6
Let me tell you about the sorcery of this chair and the lighting in this particular spot. It was glorious. I am glowing, I am 15 years younger and haven’t been #toddlered by my wonderful children. Going forward, I am stopping at this banquet hall and taking my shots when I’m feeling myself.

So what do you think? It was nice to be able to dress up and have an evening away from cartoons and constant crying.

I’m going to put up my fancy sequined skirt until a year from now or whenever the next time I’ll get to dress up and not be in charge of wiping snot.



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