Five scary movies you need to watch

Five Halloween Movies to watch

Happy Halloween!

Once you get back from trick or treating and the outside lights are off, you may feel like getting your spooky on. So, what should you watch?

My ratings:

  • Lights off – creepy, but you can handle it. You’re grown.
  • Lights on – you will cry from fear. Leave those lights on and get a blanket. Turn on the alarm.
  1. Get Out (2017). Don’t visit no one. Don’t drink no tea. Make sure to walk with a camera with a flash. When the trailer for this movie came out late last year, everyone was like, “what? This has got to be a joke.” Nah, it wasn’t a joke, just a damn good horror movie that touched on race, racism and interracial relationships. Get some popcorn, a blanket, and try not to side-eye your white significant other. Movie rating: Lights off.
  2. Scream (1996). “What’s your favourite scary movie?” My biggest problem with horror movies is that there are too many questions. Like, if you know the gateway to hell is in your basement, why are you still there? Demons, ghouls, whatever, take the house and I’ll leave with my life. Scream highlights all of these horror movie stereotypes and will have you laughing and screaming at the same time. Movie rating: Lights on.
  3. Signs (2002). A M. Night Shyamalan classic. What’s been making all of those crop circles in these corn fields? Or maybe the better question is, who’s doing it? I watched this movie not expecting much only to have it become one of my favourite spooky movies of all time. Movie rating: Lights off.
  4. The Gift (2015). “Gordo the Weirdo!” You know that kid in school that you treated like crap? Well, that kid never forgot what you did and always wanted to fix your clock…well, we’re all grown up now. We can act like adults or that kid could have held a grudge for 20 years.That is not going to go down well…especially in horror movie land. Movie rating: Lights off.
  5. Candyman (1992). “Candyman, Candyman, Candy…” (I’m not saying that three times! Are you mad?) When I first saw this movie way back in the ’90s, I was terrorized by it. I literally was unable to look in a mirror for days from fright. A student is researching the legend of Candyman, a killer who will come for you from behind a mirror if you say his name, and he haunts her backside. Like, why would you take a chance? I wouldn’t but, hey, I don’t live in horror movie land. Movie rating: LIGHTS ON!

I am not a lover of horror movies, I am a punk, but I enjoyed these five. What are your favourite scary movies?


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