Vacay hair – let’s do this again…

Hi all,

First of all, there isn’t much for me to update you on because my hair is still in the kinky curly twists. I’m going to a gala event on Saturday, so I’ll be re-curling the twists and, hopefully, taking some pictures of me looking dolled up and cute.

In December, just before my dad took sick (he’s doing really well — we’re hanging out right now), we were planning a big family vacation and I was starting to get some ideas about what to do with my hair. Unfortunately, the vacation was put on hold because of Dad not being able to travel.

Since he’s doing a lot better, my sister and I are planning a trip and I need to figure out my hair. I’m thinking of doing mini twists. See Naptural85‘s (I love her videos!) mini twist tutorial.

They are going to take a couple of days to install (thankfully, I have some days off before I leave), but they’ll definitely last – especially because my scalp is finally under control. What do you think?


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  1. JMB says:

    be careful of your roots. i always find that the smaller the braid, the bigger the damage on removal. lost my hairline the same year i moved to montreal because of small braids, and had to work like a mother to get it back. on a more positive note, enjoy your vacation. you so deserve it!

  2. urbansista says:

    I don’t think I’ll do them as small as in the video — I definitely don’t have the patience for that. I will be very careful with my hairline. It looks good and I want it to stay that way. Thanks! When I’m back, Dufflet cake and wine at my house!

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